Network Sharing Downloads

By using several applications you can monitor the network to prevent unwanted folder and file changes. These applications might help you, through their interface and features, to search through folders, get notifications about any changes, manage any change log, etc.

Network Sharing download selection is a descendant of our Monitor Network Folder Sharing by Aiden McLeod customized for you:

Nsasoft LLC.
ShareAlarmPro is both a network access control and folder monitoring utility...
...allows me to easily create network shares, and I can monitor my computer and network sharing. This application provides firewall ...
Most relevant in Network Sharing
It provides free unlimited email support
I didn't find any
DriveHQ WWWShare
MBizGroup, LLC
DriveHQ WWWShare is one of the best Internet file-sharing applications...
...on; -- Manage existing shares, change share settings; -- Share folders to different users with different permissions ...
Easy LAN Folder Share
MostGear Soft, ltd.
A great software which helps users share folders across the LAN!...
...over the LAN. The sharing process is over your Local network, no need to cross the ...
WWW File Share Pro
LionMax Software
WWW File Share Pro is a file sharing tool that works via your web browser...
...But first the basics, WWW File Share Pro is really a web server. work with people outside your network. I did my own testing within ...
Very interesting plug-ins
It didn't work entirely well in my testing
Receive notifications when your shared folders are accessed...
Monitor your personal Windows file shares and know when and...added to any Windows folder or share, including FTP Servers Automatically move ...
Always Watching
Liquid Mirror Enterprises
Allows you to watch any folder on your file system or network for changes...
...on a local hard drive or network share? Then Always Watching! is for...your file system or available network share for changes to file size ...
Nsasoft LLC.
NetShareWatcher is a great tool to monitor a local network...
...a file searcher and manager for network shares. It does a pretty constantly monitor the network for any sharing violations, you have ...
Allows you to see folders in your network
Works also as a file manager software
Interface is not intuitive
Shared Monitor
Statspire software
With Shared Monitor you can control selected users'connections...
Shared Monitor is a tool that provides network administrators and...or a local computer. With Shared Monitor you can control selected users ...

Some Network Sharing downloads, not featured in Monitor Network Folder Sharing

Acer Quick Access
Adjusts the settings of the hardware devices from a simple menu.
...change power-off USB charge settings, modify network sharing options, and much more. The options are ...
Most popular in Network Sharing
Baidu WiFi Hotspot
This network tool can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with ease.
...can help you share your Internet access with other devices through a Wi-Fi network. The tool ...
Most downloaded in Network Sharing
It is very easy to use
It has a very nice interface
Your connection is protected by a password
It is not very sophisticated
Advanced IP Scanner
Identify all of the devices that are being connected to your LAN network.
...certain devices in your network, access shared folders, and so much...shows all network devices, gives you access to shared folders, provides ...
Comes with a powerful search tool
Lets you pause, resume, and stop scanning processes
Provides you with multiple built-in tools
Supports only 3 output formats when exporting scan results
Thinix WiFi Hotspot
Share your Internet connection using a virtual Wi-Fi access point. supports multiple network card models as well as sharing Wi-Fi...Internet services such as file sharing – which might otherwise introduce ...
Support of various types of network cards
Allows up to 100 connected users
Lets you use a key
Not a suitable solution for permanent hotspots

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