Monitor Network Share Folder Downloads

By using several applications you can monitor the network to prevent unwanted folder and file changes. These applications might help you, through their interface and features, to search through folders, get notifications about any changes, manage any change log, etc.

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WWW File Share Pro
LionMax Software
WWW File Share Pro is a file sharing tool that works via your web browser...
... users and different paths. You have to do some port-forwarding to get this to work with people outside your network. I did my own testing within my LAN and the application worked for most of the time. The only error that I got was that sometimes fi...
Most relevant in Monitor Network Share Folder
Very interesting plug-ins
It didn't work entirely well in my testing
DriveHQ WWWShare
MBizGroup, LLC
DriveHQ WWWShare is one of the best Internet file-sharing applications...
DriveHQ WWWShare is one of the best Internet file-sharing applications. With its simple and wizard-driven interface, users can easily share files and f...
Easy LAN Folder Share
MostGear Soft, ltd.
A great software which helps users share folders across the LAN!...
...y! Features: - Very easy to share folder to others over the LAN. - The sharing process is over your Local network, no need to cross the internet, your data safety is ensured . - Your visitors don't need to setup additional software . All the thi...
Nsasoft LLC.
ShareAlarmPro is both a network access control and folder monitoring utility...
ShareAlarmPro is both a network access control and folder monitoring utility. At first I thought it was an ordinary application and I tried the free 30-day version to see if this tool would bring me...
It provides free unlimited email support
I didn't find any
Receive notifications when your shared folders are accessed...
Monitor your personal Windows file shares and know when and who accessed them Be notified via email, sounds, custom commands and windows ev...
Always Watching
Liquid Mirror Enterprises
Allows you to watch any folder on your file system or network for changes...
Have you ever needed to know exactly when a file or folder changes on your system? Ever needed to monitor log file changes, watch incoming files on a server or simply wanted to monitor changes on a local hard drive or network share? Then ...
Nsasoft LLC.
NetShareWatcher is a great tool to monitor a local network...
NetShareWatcher is an application developed by Nsasoft. As well as other programs of this company, the focus of the program is on monitoring local networks and auditing security standards. That means that you can audit sharing violations within your network. After a...
Allows you to see folders in your network
Works also as a file manager software
Interface is not intuitive
Shared Monitor
Statspire software
With Shared Monitor you can control selected users'connections...
Shared Monitor is a tool that provides network administrators and users with a quick and convenient way to view and manage connections to the resou...

Some Monitor Network Share Folder downloads, not featured in Monitor Network Folder Sharing

Presto! PageManager
Improve the productivity in your organization with Presto! PageManager Pro.
...files, or spread them out. You can define a folder as a document inbox for e-mail attachments so you can easily monitor all incoming documents. You can view, send by e-mail, or print documents that may not be in the same folder. Just drag files to t...
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Direct-to-PDF Scanning
Requires re-entering of keywords and categories for each scanned page
Media Go

Media Go

Organize your favorite music, movies, and pictures.
...ny others. After you install the program on your Mac, it will automatically import sample files from several monitored folders (these directories are created after you install the app). You can change the destination of these directories. Simply go ...
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Supports many media formats
Allows you to convert the imported files
Works with multiple Sony devices
Occasionally runs slow
MyLanViewer is a powerful NetBIOS and IP scanner traceroute tool.
...BIOS and IP scanner, traceroute tool, remote shutdown and Wake-On-Lan (WOL) manager, LAN messenger and network monitor. The program displays your network computers in an easy to read, buddy-list style window that provides the machine names, IP address...
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We can start scanning the different computers in the net, load the History, refresh shared folders, close all sessions, disable or enable all resources
We can control all the computers in our home network
Has no disadvantages
GiliSoft File Lock Pro
Protect your sensitive files and folders with a password-protected lock.
... File Lock Pro comes a set of extra utilities designed to enhance its already high level of protection. You can monitor a folder of your choice and be notified every time something changes in it. The program’s File Shredder will allow you to delete a...
Locks folders shared in a network
Protects files, folders, and entire drives
Can monitor a folder or a disk for changes
The trial version may refuse to lock certain types of files

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