Auto Scan Antivirus Downloads

You can keep your computer protected using antivirus applications such as these.

These are applications that will scan your computer in order to detect and remove viruses, Trojans and any other kind of malware. Most of these antivirus solutions can be configured to scan the computer automatically at a predefined time, may it be once a week or once a month.

Auto Scan Antivirus download selection is a descendant of our Virus Scanner by Mary Smott customized for you:

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows
FRISK Software International
F-PROT Antivirus for Windows, renowned for...ease of use, fast scanning and exception ...
...tware applications on the market today. Fast, reliable and easy to use, F-PROT Antivirus for Windows provides users with automatic realtime detection and removal of viruses, worms and trojans from files and e-mails. New and unknown threats are detected with F-P...
Most relevant in Auto Scan Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus
Avira GmbH
A free antivirus protecting your computer against all kinds of malware...! And it’s fast and light, so it doesn’t slow down your browsing experience. Delivers swift and smooth system scans at the push of a button. With the industry’s leading detection rates, Avira Free Antivirus: • Shields you in real time against 1...
Most downloaded in Auto Scan Antivirus
Effective scanning
Light and fast
Few additional features
Norton Security Scan
Symantec Corporation
Scan your computer for threats, viruses, and to protect your identity...
...state your PC is in regarding viruses, identity thefts, and other safety-related issues, you can rely on Norton Security Scan to check your computer for a large number of threats quickly and at no cost. This small free utility offers to scan your system in bare...
Offers a deep and quick scan of your PC
Links to LifeLock for identity theft detection
Compatible with your installed anti-virus programs
Merely scans your PC for threats, but fixing them requires additional software tools at a cost
AVG AntiVirus Free
AVG Technologies
Keep your PC protected from malicious software and potential threats for free... the opposite of what other free antivirus applications do to your PC’s overall performance. It was refreshing to scan my computer with a new antivirus tool and find out that it was 100% clean from viruses or threats. Not that I wasn’t sure about it, b...
Most recent in Auto Scan Antivirus
Provides a simple set-up process
Not only detects existing malware but also prevents your PC from being infected
Informs you about PC performance issues
Slow scan for performance issues
BitDefender Antivirus 2008
BitDefender Antivirus 2008 is a powerful antivirus and anti-spyware...
...rootkits. The program features a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it really easy to use. The application scans files during boot, recently accessed files, packed files (although not archived files) and incoming and outgoing e-mails. It also bloc...
It offers a Gamer mode. Easy to use. Intuitive user interface. Great value for such a cheap price
Antivirus Defender
mysystemexpert Software Inc
AntiVirus Defender offers comprehensive protection ...
...memory (active processes). Key Features: - High detection rates for viruses and spyware. - Scanning Scheduler. - Automatic downloads of regularly updated Virus Database. - Small footprint, and doesn't take up much system resources.- Scan Memory for Virus.
AVG Protection PRO
AVG Technologies
A full-featured antivirus tool to protect your data and privacy effectively...
...ats that somehow manage to break into your system, but knowing that you are vulnerable does not make you feel safer. AVG scans everything wanting to get into your system, even those files you download yourself. Thus, it will detect and remove any potential dang...
Attractive interface
Includes tools to tune up your system
Fast scanning process
Some features should be given more visibility in the program's interface
AnVir Virus Destroyer
AnVir Software
Task manager. Startup manager. Anti-spyware. Speed up boot time and performance...
... activity for each process and for computer. - Processes performance statisticsBenefits: - Compatible with all popular antivirus , complement antivirus software or make it unnecessary. - Can replace Windows Task Manager. - Attractive user interface. Handy p...
avast! Internet Security
AVAST Software a.s
Provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection...
...risk zone to home, work or public. Another line of defense is represented by the real-time shields. A file system shield scans every executable, script or libraries when executed or loaded by windows. The mail shield, web shield, IM shield will scan your e-mail...
Sand-box technology
Website reliability and reputation ratings
Sand-box is not so easy to use
avast! Free Antivirus
AVAST Software a.s
avast! Free Antivirus can protect your computer from virus and other threats...
...ed by using several shields, like the File System, Mail or Web ones. The program allows to use additional programs, like AutoSandbox (that allows you to run suspicious programs into a protected environment), WebRep (a browser plug-in that can show you reputatio...
Most popular in Auto Scan Antivirus
It gives complete protection for your system, for free
CA eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware
Computer Associates International, Inc.
A very effective tool to remove spyware and other malware...
...very understandable, but some nag dialog boxes appear everywere, asking you to buy the product. When you finish a system scan, some items cannot be removed until you buy the software. The same happens when you try to access some features under the advanced sett...
Very effective, it detects a lot of items that other products don't
If you don't want to go crazy with the messages of the dialog boxes, please register the program!
Solo Antivirus
SRN Micro Systems
Solo Antivirus 8.0 is an antivirus that scans and removes malicious software...
Solo Antivirus 8.0 is an antivirus that scans and removes all types of malicious software. This program protects you from Internet worms, file infecting viruses, malicious VB an...
It´s a good antivirus

Some Auto Scan Antivirus downloads, not featured in Virus Scanner

USB Drive AntiVirus
USB Drive AntiVirus helps you find and remove the viruses from your USB drives. with other anti-virus tools, this way, increasing the security level of your PC. At first launch, the program will automatically scan your drives for virus infections (this might take a while). You can skip this step though and adjust the application's se...
Easy-to-use interface
Supports a wide range of removable devices
Can work simultaneously with other anti-virus tools
No Pause and Resume buttons available for the scanning process
ESET NOD32 Antivirus
Protects against viruses, spyware, rootkits, ransomware, and other malware.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus gives protection to your computer from viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, ransomware, and all other kinds of malware. Its...
Works silently in the background
Includes a useful set of tools
Cleans up your computer from any suspicious files and settings
Has a slow scan process
Guardian AntiVirus
Guardian AntiVirus protects your PC from viruses, spywares and hackers.
...our system through removable drives, email attachments or internet downloads. - Detects, cleans and blocks spyware thus automatically preventing identity theft. - Scans registry, files and folders at lightning speed, detecting and cleaning Spyware, Adwares, R...
Easy to use
Built-in anti-malware and tracks cleaner
Big size of the program as compared to its functionality
Autorun Virus Remover
Tiny anti-virus tool designed to get rid of autorun and autorun.inf trojans.
Autorun Virus Remover is a tiny utility designed to help you get rid of Trojans or any other type of virus installed in your USB devices (pe...
Compatible with other anti-virus tools
Offline virus detection (no signature virus needed)
Simple and easy-to-use interface, suitable for all
Dull interface
USB Virus Scan
A small utility that scans for threats in USB drives.
USB Virus Scan is a small piece of software that works as a resident program that checks for infections or threats any time a USB drive is inserted. W...
Popup notifications are nice
Some tools included adds some value to this software
Updates are not available on the free version
Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro
Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is a real time security protection system for your PC.
Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is a real time security protection system that ensures complete protection without interrupting or slowing down your system. T...
Protection for all sensitive areas of your system
Well-structured tool, allowing you to select only those areas you wish to protect
Fast scanning process

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