Text to Speech Engine Downloads

This list contains text-to-speech (TTS) programs that can read digital texts in loud voices. They convert any given text into spoken words. They can read PDF, Word, RTF, and other types of text files. The spoken text can be saved to an MP3, WAV or OGG file.

Text to Speech Engine download selection is a descendant of our Speech Maker by Robert Santinello customized for you:

Text to Speech Maker
xrlly software
TTS software tool to produce MP3, WAV, or VOX audio files from any text...
People with difficulties in accessing printed text will find Text to Speech Maker an extremely simple and useful ...
Most downloaded in Text to Speech Engine Most relevant in Text to Speech Engine
Selectable voices
Converts individual files and batches of files
Audio and text synchronization
No drawbacks have been found
Verbose Text to Speech
NCH Software
Verbose is a text-to-speech and dictation application...
Verbose is a text-to-speech application. It is what is often referred to as a system text reader. It ...
Can save speech output
Clipboard support
Easy to use
Default voice is annoying
Tanseon Systems
Popular Text To Speech Voice Synthesizer...
...program comes with a high quality embedded Text to Speech Engine in that gives a very high quality voice ...
Latest comments:
lokesh meghwal
Nice software.


ReadPlease Corporation
ReadPlease 2003 is a powerful text-to-speech tool that will read any text you ...
...text-to-speech tool that will read any text you see on your screen - all purpose text-to-speech ...


Stefan Estrada
Cross-platform text-to-speech tools, with which a computer reads text aloud...
Suite of cross-platform text-to-speech tools, with which a computer reads text aloud. The tools have a series ...
IVONA Software Sp. z o.o.
A text-to-speech utility that uses BrightVoice technology...
...text-to-speech utility, meaning that it will read any given digital text...punctuation present within the text. Internet texts and emails can ...
Natural voices
Intonation appropriate with the punctuation used within a text
Intuitive user-interface
Some abbreviations, such as those from the metric system, will not be recognized
Apex Text to Speech
Apex Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Apex Text to Speech can read texts in a loud voice through your PC speakers...
...your PC speakers. Converting a text to speech can be very convenient if...The demo version of Apex Text to Speech will work for thirty days ...
It is very easy to use
Poor results when reading texts in languages other than English
Visual Text To Speech MP3
iProgram Development
Write everything you want and listen it in an incredible voice!...
...It allows you listen any text instead reading it. The...• Hard-disks: 10M for Microsoft Speech Engine With these kinds of tools you ...
Free Trial per 30 days
Text Speaker
Text Speaker lets you turn texts into audio speeches...
...relevant advantage of using this text-to-speech tool is that it comes...recommend you to give this text-to-speech tool a try whenever you ...
Intuitive interface
Supports various text formats
You can download additional Ivona voices directly from the program
You can save the speech only to MP3 or WAV files

Some Text to Speech Engine downloads, not featured in Speech Maker

GOM Player

GOM Player

Feature-rich media player with support for the most popular codecs and formats.
...This player includes support for TTS (Text-To-Speech) engines, which will allow you to select any ...
Most popular in Text to Speech Engine
Resizes the screen automatically according to the video size
TTS-based accessibility features
Audio equalizer
No drawbacks found during the review


QTranslate translates words or phrases using online services.
...combination, a translation of the selected text will pop up. Various key...will use the system’s text-to-speech engine to speak the phrase ...
It is easy to use
It connects to varios translation sites
It can convert text to speech
It requires an Internet connection
Express Scribe Free Transcription Software
Type in your transcriptions of audio recordings with the help of a foot pedal.
...the text or use the program’s built-in speech-to-text recognition engine...can drop their audio and text files for transcription or revision ...
Support for foot pedals
Supports all common audio formats
Dictation dispatch and forwarding
No waveform view of the audio file
Microsoft Speech SDK
A set of software codes that allows you to build speech applications.
...the Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine that can convert written text to...been successful in creating a text-to-speech program in Visual Basic ...
Speech API is easy to use
Sample projects are included in the package
IntelliSense does not work with TTS
Audio Caller ID
Manage your incoming phone calls by seeing and hearing who is calling.
...The program uses the latest text-to-speech engines, so you will always...Caller ID uses the latest text to speech engines, so you will always ...
It consumes a very little amount of the system’s resources
Very easy to use and configure
The software needs a voice modem, capable of speech recognition, caller ID, to work
Text To MP3 Converter Software
Convert multiple text files to MP3s.
...want to convert one or more text files into MP3 audio. The user...be processed. The volume level and speech rate can be adjusted using sliders ...
It is easy to use
It comes with a demonstration video
It supports batch conversion
The buttons have captions in English with no visual clue whatsoever

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