Pen-and-Ink Sketcher Downloads

The applications from this set will enable you to create pen-and-ink sketches. Within these programs, you can make your paintings look like freehand drawings. Some of these tools allow for transforming your photo into a sketch drawn with a pen-and-ink technique, as well.

Pen-and-Ink Sketcher download selection by Marisa Therezza. May 18, 2015



Transform digital photos into stunning works of art...
...sketches, watercolor or oil paintings, pen & ink drawings, and cartoons. It features ...
Most popular in Pen-and-Ink Sketcher Most recent in Pen-and-Ink Sketcher Most relevant in Pen-and-Ink Sketcher
Localized in multiple languages
Provides you with various output profiles
Allows you to resize pictures
Supports a small amount of image formats (both input and output)
Photo to Cartoon
Caricature Software
Software for transforming your photos into comic-style drawings... a style akin to pen-and-ink drawing. The trial version of ...
Most downloaded in Pen-and-Ink Sketcher
Light, easy-to use


Draw over your desktop using various fire effects... using an animated fire ink. Once you finish working on ...
Provides you with multiple theme samples
Comes with easy-to-configure settings
You can save your fire drawings
Might use a significant amount of CPU resources (over 20%)
Artist's Sketchbook
Opera Software
Artist's Sketchbook is a painting widget for the Opera browser...
...include airbrushes, pencils, felt and ink pens, paintbrushes and charcoals. The installation ...
Nice design
Ability to change the drawing surface
AKVIS Software Inc
Transform digital photographs to make them look like paintings...
...choose. These include oil, watercolor, pen and ink, comics, linocut, gouache, and ...
Can process batches of photos
Imitates various painting techniques
Configurable presets
The quality of the results is not as high as those of similar software
EverNote Corp.
A writing tool that allows you to take notes anywhere on your screen...
...and thickness of the ink that you are using ...instead of the virtual pen. A really neat advantage ...
Easy to use
Friendly interface
Full screen writing capability
Manga Studio Debut
Smith Micro Software
Manga Studio Debut creates black and white manga and comic art...
...inked artwork directly for editing and further development. A pen...Debut features pens, pencils ...
Tools and options to create stylish manga
Support for only black and white manga

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