French Language Educational Software Downloads

The French language is a Romance language, spoken in Western Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, and isolated regions in Italy), North America (Southern US, New England, Quebec). With more than 300 speakers worldwide, t is the second most-spoken Romance language after Spanish. It is also one of the five official UN languages.

The software included into this set will help you study the French language.

French Language Educational Software download selection by Keath Wyszynski. May 17, 2015



Lingoes Project
It is a dictionary to translate words or texts into various languages...
...function. It supports popular languages, like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian ...
Most popular in French Language Educational Software Most downloaded in French Language Educational Software
Nicely-structured interface
Supports various languages
Translates both words or texts
When you translate long phrases, the translation may not be very accurate
Freelang Dictionary
It lets you view the translations of many words in different languages...
...actually a reliable language learning software. The best...) and other language combinations are also ...
Supports a huge number of word lists
Includes practice features
Lacks support for voice pronunciation


Teach2000 is a very good tool for building tests of all kinds of subjects...
...with the following languages: Afrikaans, Dutch / Flemish, English, French, Frisian, German, Italian ...
Very flexible creating quizzes
LEC Translate DotNet
Language Engineering Corp, LLC
quickly translate language for emails, docs, instant messages...
...the world's leading provider of language translation software. LEC supplies translation engines ...
Global Translator
Global Translator is a multi-language translation tool...
...fourteen languages supported: Arabic, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, English, French, Greek ...
Nice interface
Not the best translation quality
Language Reader
Authorsoft Corporation
Multilingual useful tool that reads aloud texts using Text-to-Speech technology...
...and Korean. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian a foreign language, Language Reader is a ...
Most recent in French Language Educational Software
Supports a dozen laguanges including double-byte ones
Clear and intuitive interface
Supports PDF and Office documents
The quality of the voices provided may not be suitable for long texts
PROMT Translation Agent
Translate from/to seven languages easily with this simple & free program...
...languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French...Internet, logistics, software, sport, and ...
Easy-to-use interface
Translate between seven languages
You can translate only up to 2000 characters
BibleMax FrenchLSG Bible
FrenchLSG consists of bible translations, books, maps, commentaries, references...
...featured in the software helps in keeping the...the original bible into French language. He was born ...
Easy to use with accurate translations
The font is a bit small for easy reading
Nicola Ottomano
A tool for quickly translating single words between the most popular languages...
...a translation software tool that...variety of languages, like Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German ...
Easy to use
Does not require an Internet connection
Does not allow you to translate phrases or paragraphs, only single words
New Era Languages
New Era Languages
New Era Languages is a complete vocabulary tool for 7 languages...
...languages. This software...languages, such as : Afrikaans, Chinese, French...crime, education, geography ...
Bible David Martin 1744
Angela Trenholm
Read and study the French translation of the Bible with this HTML version...
...the Bible into French remains one of...basic knowledge of that language to navigate properly through ...
Although the main page is both in French and English, the chapter titles are only in French, so you need to have at least a basic knowledge of that language to navigate

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