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Desktop computer has got several components that require additional cooling as they provide heat while working. The fan is the most popular device for cooling. These programs allow you to read data from special motherboard sensors to monitor fan speed, voltage and other useful information.

Fan Test Tool download selection is a descendant of our Cooling Fan Test by Keith Flint customized for you:



GigaByte Technology, Co. Ltd.
It can adjust and monitor your CPU usage and fan noise according to your needs...
...and monitors your CPU usage, fan noise and CPU performance level. It...CPU power consumption and CPU fan noise will be maintained at minimal ...
automatic adjustments of CPU power consumption
5 different operating levels
it supports only GIGABYTE Intel 945 chipset series motherboards
Argus Monitor
Argotronic UG
Argus Monitor is a complete system's health status monitoring tool...
...benchmarking functions that let you test the performance of your a great system health monitoring tool that earns my sincere and ...
It can monitor a wide array of hardware data
HDD/SSD benchmark functions
Lightweight and resource-friendly
Dull interface that cannot be resized or customized


Alfredo Milani Comparetti
SpeedFan monitors voltages, fan speeds, temperatures and other parameters...
...lets you change your computer's fan speeds. One of the main...Another remarkable advantage of this great tool is its accuracy. It has proven ...
Most popular in Fan Test Tool Most downloaded in Fan Test Tool
Comprehensive, feature-rich and powerful
Can also control fan speeds
PC Probe II

PC Probe II

PC Probe II is a simple ulitily for monitoring vital information about a PC...
...components of a computer. It generally monitors system fan speed, system voltages, CPU temperatures etc. & it ...
Simple to Use
Closely monitor system information right from your desktop
Sometime the information is not accurate

Some Fan Test Tool downloads, not featured in Cooling Fan Test

The latest Building Air Leakage Testing software package.
...of the most advanced door fan testing packages on the market today...Features - Run manual and automatic tests - Small and versatile XML data ...
AIDA64 Extreme
Gives detailed information about hardware and software components in your PC.
...can also monitor the temperature, processor speed, fan speed, and other sensors in real-time ...
Most recent in Fan Test Tool
Offers detailed and accurate information in real time
Provides extensive printable reports
Organizes all components of your PC in useful categories
Starting price may be a bit high

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