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Autorun is the option of automatically launching an application at the system boot or upon inserting your USB stick into your desktop. The number of autorun menu entries tends to grow with the time, slowing down your boot time. Besides, autorun programs rather often turn out to be malware, so it's just logical you'll want to have a full control of autorun software.

This software collection includes a number of apps that can be used to manage your autorun options.

Autorun Manager download selection by Keath Wyszynski. May 16, 2015

Autorun Eater
Old McDonald's Farm
AutoRun Eater suspicious 'autorun.inf' files generated by malware...
...file called "autorun.inf" to execute...Autorun Eater delete those 'autorun.inf' files? 'autorun ...
Most popular in Autorun Manager
Very easy to use
Alfa Autorun Killer
Alfa programs
Alfa Autorun Killer will help you to protect your system from viruses... executing malicious autorun files on...Alfa Autorun Killer also provides a Startup Manager feature ...
Most downloaded in Autorun Manager
It is very fast
Some features are already present in Windows, so it is not necessary to use another program to access them
Your Cleaner

Your Cleaner

Your Cleaner is a free and powerful tool to clean your PC...
...duplicate file finder and autorun manager. The drive cleaner...need to check autorun and delete or ...
Security Autorun
Security Autorun is an application for detecting self-starting applications...
...system resources. Security Autorun is an application for managing self-starting applications ...
Good interface
Allows system startup application management
None to mention
Autorun Deactivator
Small Programmers Bangladesh
Autorun Deactivator can detect and clean the autorun virus from your computer...
...and clean the autorun virus from your...eliminate any threat, Autorun Deactivator will kill the ...
OSAM: Autorun Manager
Online Solutions
OSAM: Autorun Manager is a powerful tool for controlling autorun items...
...performance. OSAM: Autorun Manager provides one click...startup. OSAM: Autorun Manager uses color ...
Most relevant in Autorun Manager
Can control startup items and services along with the autorun components
Autorun Cleaner
Sourav Ghosh
Autorun Cleaner is a tiny autorun.inf file cleaner...
...were taken, these autorun files would be...there’s nothing Autorun Cleaner can do. Autorun Cleaner is ...
Very small and lightweight
Open-source program
Can only prevent autorun-based infections
Autorun.inf Check
Sadegh Mosavi
Autorun.inf is a very specific diagnose tool that checks all autorun.inf files...
...your computer. Autorun.inf files automatically...spyware autorun file and a trusted one. Autorun.inf ...
Checks all autorun.inf files
Has other system options in the interface
No support provided for the tool


Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell
Autoruns is the best system tool for maintaining your startup programs...
Autoruns is the best system tool...usage, just like the task manager, only with some more capabilities ...
Most recent in Autorun Manager
Shows all autoruns!
Process Explorer
Can show registry entries
Doesn't tell if a program will slow down the startup
COMODO System Utilities
COMODO Group Inc.
All-in-one solution for all your disk and registry maintenance needs...
...and shredding tools and a comprehensive autorun manager. Once the preliminary scan has ...
Attractive and intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates all the functions available
Fast scan processes
Comprehensive status reports with clear indications about files and processes involved
Autorun Angel
NictaTech Software
Autorun Angel connects to Angel Cloud Engine in real time...
Autorun Angel — autorun manager and security analyzer. You can quick check your autorun and memory ...

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