PhraseExpress 6.0

A program that allows you to save time when typing words you use often
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PhraseExpress is a program that allows you to save time when typing words you use often. This program allows you to store words or phrases you use commonly in a categorized list. You will be able to recall a whole word or a phrase by typing only a few letters. This way you will reduce the time and effort employed when writing letters, emails or any type of documents. You will also be able to launch programs by writing text shortcuts, if you define a given word to do that.

PhaseExpress will suggest you to complete the word if you write its abbreviation, or a phrase stored if you type some words that match the stored phrase. Office provides this Autotext function when using Office´s programs, but PhaseExpress will provide this function in any Windows program. Besides, you will be able to access every text you have in the Clipboard, not only the last thing you copied there. PhraseExpress corrects spelling mistakes automatically. It even provides this spelling correction feature for Internet Explorer, a program that has no spelling correction available. You will also be able to customize email templates, that you can use when sending repetitive emails. You can also define different signatures for your emails, and choose the right one from the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a useful utility to avoid repetitive typing


  • It takes some time to train the program
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