Zoom Image Open Source Downloads

You can view the details of your favorite photos, perform metadata correction and operations like zooming, enhancements, effects and anything that is related to filters. Users can zoom their images to a big percent over the original picture for different needs.

Zoom Image Open Source download selection is a descendant of our Zoom Image by Matt Hitters customized for you:

Deep Zoom Composer
Deep Zoom Composer takes advantage of Silverlight's Deep Zoom feature.
Microsoft's Deep Zoom Composer is a nice tool that allows you to prepare images for use them with Deep Zoom feature in Silverlight's applications. Deep Zoom ...
Nice quick interface
Easy to use
Some bugs in the application
Bearded Frog Software
Enlarge your photos up to 1600% keeping a high level of detail.
...c processing software program developed by "Bearded Frog Software" whose aim is a very specific one - to enlarge your image files up to 1600% keeping a surprisingly good level of detail. To achieve that Enlarger Pro uses its own magnifying algorithms, which ...
Easy to use
Self-explanatory interface
Allows you to process several source files at once
Its trial version adds a watermark to all converted images
BenVista PhotoZoom Pro
BenVista Ltd
Enlarges or reduces your images or photos with excellent results.
...mage gets. However, this not necessarily has to be true, if you count on adequate tools. One of them is BenVista PhotoZoom Pro which can resize any image file with excellent results, thanks to its built-in, state-of-the-art interpolation algorithms. The p...
Uses powerful and state-of-the-art interpolation algorithms
Allows you to create your own image resizing profiles
Supports resizing many images in one go
Supports very few output image file formats
Zoom Studio
Maple & Star AB
Create High-res interactive zoomable image galleries without coding.
Zoom Studio 2 is a stand-alone windows application that includes a wide range of tools to quickly create dynamic and interactive high resolu...
Boxoft Flash Zoom Magic
Boxoft Solution
Boxoft Flash Zoom Magic is an amazing tool to zoom into your images.
Boxoft Flash Zoom Magic is an amazing tool to zoom into your images with a flash magnifying glass. With the looking glass, viewers just move mouse over t...
Mischa Lusteck
A small and free tool that enlarges your JPEG images without losing quality.
SmillaEnlarger is a small and free image enlarging tool that creates larger versions of your images without losing any of their original quality. It works seamlessly with any ...
Straightforward functionality
Excellent output quality
Reasonable amount of filtering options
Laerdal Debrief Viewer
Laerdal Medical
Professional image viewer for industry and home using.
... JPEG, GIF, TIFF. Clip Rectangle for copying to clipboard, printing and saving to the file. It allows to drag images, zoom in, zoom out, centering, printing.


Windsor Interfaces
It allows the user to view multiple directories of images at once.
PhotoMesa is a zoomable image browser. It allows the user to view multiple directories of images at once, and uses simple navigation commands to smoothly ...
Focus X3

Focus X3

Elite Sports Analysis
Focus X3 allows you to zoom in on these technical aspects in detail.
Focus X3 allows you to zoom in on these technical aspects in detail. Up to four views can be seen, giving you the same performance from different angles or compari...

Some Zoom Image Open Source downloads, not featured in Zoom Image



Andrew Zhezherun
High-end DjVu images viewer with advanced conversion capabilities.
...he document can be displayed in a continuous or a single-page layout, as well as two pages facing each other. You can zoom any page in and out, and you can make use of the program’s magnifying glass to take a closer look to specific details. The program al...
Most popular in Zoom Image Open Source
High-quality display
Editing functionality
Powerful zoom and magnifying glass features
Background and foreground viewing options work better with text-only documents


Matteo Paonessa
Caesium can reduce the size of your pictures in an easy manner.
...used by anyone. I would have liked the preview panel to display the images fit to the window size by default, and not zoomed in to their original sizes, as I think it would be handier this way, but this might be just a matter of taste. Even though it’s ...
Open source
Supports several image file formats
Doesn't support GIF files
Icecream Screen Recorder
Icecream Apps
Powerful screen recorder for capturing video with sound and taking screenshots.
...atures several recording modes that are the custom area, Fullscreen, Last area, Area auto detection and Around mouse. Zooming in and out is available during the screen capture. There is a drawing panel with a number of basic drawing tools like brush, rect...
Most recent in Zoom Image Open Source
Captures your screen both as an image or a video file
Add custom texts and shapes to your capture area
Supports direct screenshots upload and sharing
Supports too few file formats for both image and video captures
DJ Audio Editor
Program4Pc Inc.
Full-featured audio editor with support for nearly all known media files.
...ionally - Cut, join, split, trim, delete parts and mix audio files - Record voices, music, and audio from any input source - Apply various filters and effects easily - Support wide range of media files including audio and video formats (multiple codecs) ...
Wide support for nearly all known audio and video files
Extracts the audio of your video files on the fly
Good range of audio effects and filters
You may miss some audio cleaning options
Adobe Dreamweaver
A combination of professional features to help you create and maintain websites.
...in this latest release. In terms of WYSIWYG design power, Dreamweaver 8 now falls into line with GoLive by offering a zoom capability - ranging between 6% and 3600%! - and Fit All, Fit Width and Fit Selection commands. The importance of this is seriously ove...
Most downloaded in Zoom Image Open Source
Properties pane and get assistance in the process
Requires more system resources


Jump Pilot Project
OpenJUMP is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS).
...mation System (GIS), it can read and write shapefiles and simple GML files. It has limited support for the display of images and good support for showing data retrieved from WFS and WMS web-services. So you can use it as GIS Data Viewer.OpenJUMP has limits i...
OpenJUMP is a great GIS tool that works with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards
I haven't found any during its review

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