Yahoo Widget Downloads

Yahoo is well-known for its web portal, search engine and many other related services. You can run the applications listed below on your desktop and customize them as you need. The set will be very helpful for real Yahoo fans.

Yahoo Widget download selection is a descendant of our Yahoo App by Daniela Stiglitz customized for you:

Detect Invisible.Me
Detect Invisible.Me detects the real status of contacts in Yahoo! Messenger.
...real status of your contacts in Yahoo! Messenger or if they are ...Me also lets you download other Yahoo! Messenger related apps, see a list...
It does not require you to install it
It does not ask you to enter your Yahoo! password
The phrase that appears where you have to input the contact's address is not translated into English
Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger is a freeware instant messaging client provided by Yahoo!
...Another useful feature is the Yahoo! Messenger's SMS service. What the opportunity to link Yahoo! Messenger with your Windows Live...
Most popular in Yahoo Widget Most downloaded in Yahoo Widget Most recent in Yahoo Widget
Linking to social network accounts
PC calls
Flexible stealth functions
Chat rooms are full of spam

Some Yahoo Widget downloads, not featured in Yahoo App

Desktop iCalendar
This is a desktop calendar with to-do lists, weather updates, etc.
...with your Google Calendar, Google Tasks, or Yahoo! Calendar. Desktop iCalendar will also remind you...
Highly customizable


Displays information about running processes sorted by user preference.
...ProcessList is a free and easy to use yahoo widget application , the software displays information about your...

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