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There are dozens of different word games with various rules and gameplays available for your PC. This set includes only some of them. Anyway, you will be able to find here a variety of games, such as crosswords, word puzzles, matching, mahjong, scramble, etc.

Word Games download selection by Victoria Nelson. April 30, 2015

Flip Words
HipSoft LLC
Flipwords 2.3 is an exciting game with an extraordinary concept of playing.
...concept of the game is to create words, so this game increases knowledge...
Most popular in Word Games Most relevant in Word Games
Nice game for children and adults too
Sharpen the brain
Super TextTwist
GameHouse, Inc.
Super TextTwist is a letters puzzle game to form words.
...a true existing word, the game passes to the ...out another possible word. Game options give the...
Very useful game for vocabulary practice
There is no way to see the solution when player gets stopped, unless quitting the game
Wheel of Fortune
Gamehouse Inc.
This game is user friendly with clear instructions and colorful graphics.
This exciting word puzzle game is exactly like ...of the game is to solve the mystery word puzzle that...
It is just like the TV show
There should be a bit more variety in the character's movements
Word Slinger
Word Slinger combines elements of Scrabble with a crossword-style puzzle.
...Fit for puzzle game and word game lovers alike, Word Slinger will have you...
Spell as many words as you can using the letters of the hens before time is out.
...level than loosing the game. The words you find will ...7 letter word. You can try this game for 60...
It’s easy to learn how to play the game using the help
Affordable price
You can learn new words by playing
It’s available only in English
Join the bookworm, have fun and learn some new words by the way.
...main characteristics of the game are: - Bonus Words: appear at the beginning...
Easy to learn how to play the game using the help
Affordable price
You can learn new words by playing
It’s available only in English


HangAroo is an attractive and free hangman game suitable for all ages.
...out of guesses. The game includes 8,000 words and phrases arranged into...
Most downloaded in Word Games
Entertaining and educational
Nice graphics and sounds
Not compatible with Vista
Green Eclipse
Software for creating crossword puzzles fast and easily.
...from a previously-made word list, or directly form ...common theme) or unrelated words. Each time you...
Free, easy-to-use, fun, useful
Word Game Deluxe
Play the game and find all the displayed words on the game board.
...should find on the game board all the words that are displayed...
Simple rules
Background music and sound effects
Quest, sprint and relaxing games
Letters are rather small
Word Challenge Extreme
eSoft Interactive
An exciting word game that will put your word skills to the test.
...of word games: Word Whiz, Word Jumble, Hunt-A-Word and ...this challenging word game designed for all...
Easy-to-use and interactive interface
Comes with four exciting word games
Autosaved progress
Doesn't give you access to hints while playing
Crossword Forge
Sol Robots
Crossword Forge allows us to easily create word search and crosswords puzzles.
...us to easily create word games, which can be ...makes the creation of word games really easier. What we...
Creates word games easily
We can import files with clues and answers
Support for special characters
Restrictions of Demo version
Fairy Nook
Mifos Games
Puzzle and match-three game for kids and grown-ups.
...puzzles and match-three games, Mifos Games come with a nice ...to escape. The game is so absorbing that...
Crossword Compiler
WordWeb Software, Antony Lewis
A program that lets you create your own puzzles and word games.
...own puzzles and word games in an easy ...anyone interested in classic word games. Puzzles created with...
Lets you create and fully customize word puzzles
Generates different type puzzles
Several exporting options
No disadvantages found
Mahjong 1.2 is a new version of the famous Chinese game.
...play four different game modes: Classic, Word, Math and ...and symbols. The game give you hints if...
It´s a quiet game, with relaxing music
Word Search

Word Search

Novel Games Limited
Word Search is a game in which you must find the words with a given meaning.
...will encounter the same word in other games. The game has average graphics...
Most recent in Word Games
Very short
Fun Ball

Fun Ball

Crawler, LLC
Crawler Funball is a desktop toy, letting you make a ball bounce on your screen.
Crawler Fun Ball is a desktop toy that will let you make a ball bounce on your screen. You can...
It gives you some additional features, like the snooze utility or the search engine access
It's difficult to uninstall it completely. The installation process modifies your IE security options without warning you
GameHouse Word Collection
GameHouse, Inc.
A collection of three word games with a nice screen display.
...collection of three word games that can be ...to have three different word games in one package...
Good for brain training
Exercises attention, concentration and increases vocabulary
There's a difficulty in switching games
Word Scramble
Novel Games Limited
Word Scramble is a Flash rendition of the classic word game.
...challenges your ability to create words. The game is free to download...
Nice graphics
Full screen mode
Too short
Ray's Spelling and Word Games
Le Couteur Family
Ray's Spelling and Word Games is an educational program for kids.
Ray's Spelling and Word Games is an educational program for...
Users can select UK or US spellings
Easy-to-learn games
Supports the use of non standard characters
GUI looks a bit dated
Super Wild Wild Words
GameHouse, Inc.
Super Wild Wild Words is a funny, entertaining and educational game.
Super Wild Wild Words is a funny, entertaining and educational game. You will have...
It's funny and entertaining
It has two different game modes
You can play the hangman game

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