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There is one way to prevent your data from being recovered even though you think it was deleted. You need to use a clean wiping solution to help protect your files that you dont want to be recorevered.

Delete Files download selection is a descendant of our Wipe Flash Memory by Madeleine Leary customized for you:

Compact Flash Data Recovery
GetData Software Company
Compact Flash Data Recovery recovers files from different storage media.
... program will let you preview the files’ contents before you save them. When trying this application, it successfully found deleted files from an external drive and from one of my hard disks. However, the trial version does not allow saving any of the recovered fi...
It is easy to use
It supports all types of drives
The trial version does not recover any file
Flash Wiper
Flash Wiper works fine with all popular flash cards and flash drives.
Many people believe formatting the drive or deleting the file will complete delete information from the drive. Actually that is not so. A real deleting of files on drives is only possible through a complete overwrite...
Flash Memory Toolkit
EFD Software
This program gives you access to plenty of utilities for flash drives.
...u a comprehensive set of utilities that help you scan your flash drives for errors, recover lost documents, back up and restore files whenever you like, erase content and more. You will also be able to format your flash drives and prepare your device for its initia...
Most popular in Delete Files
Intuitive interface
Comes with many useful tools
Allows you to format your flash drive
It took a while to scan the flash drives for errors and recover lost files

Some Delete Files downloads, not featured in Wipe Flash Memory

Folder Lock
Protect, lock, and encrypt your drives, folders, and files securely.
...iles option to make them unrecoverable, and choose from a simple zero overwrite to a 35-pass Gutmann algorithm to destroy those delete files for ever. Unlike with many other software tools, here the Settings dialog is just as important – if not more – than the ...
Most downloaded in Delete Files
Auto shutdown of the app
Configurable fail attempts
App auto-hide option
Serial number can be used to unlock your files and folders
IObit Uninstaller
Quickly uninstall the application you no longer use on your PC.
.... To be more precise, you can create a backup at a time when your PC runs just as it should and restore it later in case you've deleted the wrong application by accident. Another advantage is that it's now able to detect and install app updates on your Windows PC. ...
Most recent in Delete Files
Comes with a search tool and a file shredder
Fast processing speed
Supports batch processing
You need to upgrade the app to its Pro version to get access to all features

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