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These applications are designed to improve your Windows Clipboard copy & pasting functions. They allow you to copy unlimited amounts of information, text and graphics. They also keep a history of all copied information so you can access them any time you need to. The best feature is that the copied data will not be erased when the computer is shut down.

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Scott Brogden
Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. extension to the standard windows clipboard that improves its management. Ditto...
Most popular in Windows XP Clipboard Tool Most downloaded in Windows XP Clipboard Tool
It´s very easy to use and has lots of functionalities. It´s free
Clipboard Magic
CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc.
Clipboard Magic enables you to keep multiple clipboard items.
...your clipboard, and force the program's window to ...found is that the clipboard list doesn't have...
Language pack available
Unlimited number of copied items
Hot keys of paste function doesn't work
Clipboard History
Clipboard History is a an application that enhances the clipboard functionality.
...frustrating and limited the clipboard that comes with Windows can be. An...
Most recent in Windows XP Clipboard Tool
Very useful for work and everyday tasks
Offers interesting additional options


ArsClip will allow you to manage and make use of all your clipboard content.
...the clipboard, the appearance for the pop-up window ...flush content off the clipboard to make room...
It covers all the needs that may arise when copying and pasting items repeatedly
Clipboard Help+Spell
Clipboard Help+Spell keeps a history of all your "copy" operations.
...stop capturing clipboard text, and ...icons, and XP Explorer-like ...information" window will keep...
Hotkeys functionality
Unlimited number of clipboard items
Karen's Clipboard Viewer
Karen Kenworthy
Karen's Clipboard Viewer lets you view clipboard activity with a single click.
...Clipboard Viewer is a simple, yet effective tool ...integrates with your Windows clipboard. It allows...
It is a simple tool with simple applications
You can preview the clipboard contents before pasting them
Comprises the TXT, BMP, WMF and DIB buttons for single click access of your clipboard contents
It is not a very essential tool that needs to be downloaded
101 Clips

101 Clips

John Turnbull
101 Clips is a free full-featured clipboard manager. you improve the existing Windows clipboard by allowing it to contain...
Screenshot captures
25 copy slots
Image and text preview
xNeat Clipboard Manager
XNeat Inc.
xNeat Clipboard Manager keeps track of the items copied to the clipboard.
...were copied to the Windows Clipboard and you can easily ...copy/paste. It supports XP \ Vista and is...
Easy to use
Nice user interface
Talking Clipboard
Talking Clipboard
Full-featured TTS-based tool that reads out loud any text sent to the clipboard.
...clipboard and paste in the program's main window ..." using this simple tool. The resulting audio can...
Comes with a large selection of useful tools and utilities
Reads all the most widely known text file formats
Saves the TTS audio as WAV or MP3 audio files for future use
M8 Free Clipboard
M8 Software(UK)
M8 Free Clipboard will increase the capability and capacity of your clipboard.
...capabilities. The tool has the exclusive ...required field, clear Windows clipboard, editing clip...
Amazing capabilities that enhance your copy paste functionality
Supports bulk-pasting
Clear Windows clipboard option will remove all sensitive data
Rather complex interface for those who only need the copy paste option
Clipboard Master
Jumping Bytes Software
Manage your clippings directly from your system tray.
...tool, especially if you're looking for a simple to handle clipboard manager...
Provides you with many useful features
Lets you define a wide range of global hotkeys
Fast processing speed
Password Safe doesn't work properly

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