Simple Clock for Windows Downloads

Whenever you decide to get an alternative to windows system tray clock you are free to install any of the programs presented. Each of them can easily replace the boring windows clock with colorful and widely adjustable interface.

Simple Clock for Windows download selection is a descendant of our Windows Simple Clock App by Keith Flint customized for you:

Clock Tray Skins
Drive Software Company
Clock Tray Skins provides a highly customizable clock for our system tray.
...we can apply gradient colors to the clock background (two colors at a time ...own tune. This program runs under Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and NT...
Most relevant in Simple Clock for Windows
Very easy to manage
Free trial
Vista compatible
Free Desktop Clock
Drive Software Company
Free Desktop Clock is advanced replacement for your task bar desktop clock.
...time properties when you click the clock( the traditional windows style) ,you can choose the"date...
Most popular in Simple Clock for Windows
Free clock gives your computer a stylish and advanced look and offers atomic clock synchronisation
Lacks alarm feature
Skinny Clock

Skinny Clock

Tomas Koutny
Skinny Clock Release Candidate shows a clock on your desktop.
...will be able to select which clock window you will like to use ...format and background of the taskbar clock. It's also possible to configure...
The clocks are visually attractive
Chameleon Clock
Chameleon Clock is a very nice customizable clock for Windows.
Chameleon Clock is a very nice clock for Windows. It can be ...apart from the system tray clock, like a clock wallpaper and screensaver. It...
Backup feature
Highly customizable
Multiple skins
Analogue Vista Clock
A reliable application that displays the system clock on your desktop.
...your alarm properly. Analogue Vista Clock comes with an extremely simple user-interface. You are able...
Most downloaded in Simple Clock for Windows
Multilingual interface
Easy-to-use menu
Big Clock Pro
Microsys Com Ltd.
Big Clock Pro is a big analog clock for your desktop.
...current time and date. The clock can be moved all around alarm, and tell hours. The clock includes two alarms: a recurrent alarm and...
Two alarms
Very big
Alarm Clock Pro
Koingo Software, Inc. & Josh Hoggan
Set reminders and countdown time from your computer.
...just a clock tool for your Windows PC. The ...simple. Furthermore, the program immediately completed any given task. Still, the world clocks...
Provides you with many built-in tools
Works with many audio formats
Helps you calculate the difference between two time periods
World clocks tool could use a search tool
Sharp World Clock
Johannes Wallroth
See what time it is in any city from around the world. more than just a clock tool for your Windows PC. With its help, you ...of the best world clock tools I used on my Windows PC. It's feature...
Provides you with accurate info
Offers you easy-to-configure settings
Brings you plenty of useful built-in tools (calendar, feed reader, sticky notes, etc.)
You need to download and install an additional tool in order to use this app
Speaking Clock Deluxe
Lux Aeterna Software
Speaking Clock Deluxe is a time management tool with speech notification.
...time, a welcome window appears, where you ...The interface is simple and straightforward, so ...'s worth trying Speaking Clock Deluxe, an easy...
User-friendly interface
Available in many languages
Customizable interface
Analog Clock-7
Analog Clock-7 is a screensaver that shows the time in a big analog clock.
...layouts for the clock, background colors, etc. In short, Analog Clock-7 is just a simple clock screensaver which doesn...
Includes a digital clock
No sounds nor music
Citrus Alarm Clock
Orangeline Interactive
A reliable and convenient alarm clock that you can enjoy. our site, Citrus Alarm Clock has suffered a lot of improvement ...All that being said, Citrus Alarm Clock is a tool that I would full...
Allows you to use your own songs as alarms
It provides the always popular snooze feature
It lets you create as many alarms as you want
You can't change the time format, so you are forced to work with the AM and PM clock
DS Clock

DS Clock

Duality Software
DS Clock is a simple clock for your desktop which has sounds and a stopclock.
...not really attractive. In short, DS Clock is a simple clock for your desktop, which comes with a ...different to the one included in Windows.
Fully customizable
Comes with a stopwatch
Not very attractive


Free, fully customizable clock with alarms and a calendar.
Windows' toolbar clock is somewhat tiny and can ...named "Clock!", features an analog clock that can be always on top of open windows, showing...
Fully customizable

Some Simple Clock for Windows downloads, not featured in Windows Simple Clock App



TClockEx is a simple and old system clock for Windows.
...simple and old system clock that is intended to replace the clock that comes with Windows ...difference with the Windows clock, and would make...
Old looking
Free Alarm Clock
It's a free, full-featured and user-friendly alarm clock.
...Free Alarm Clock is also really easy to use. Its simple and intuitive ...can turn up the volume of Windows forcefully. Additionally, you can set...
Very easy to use
Can clone alarms
Can turn on the monitor power and wake up the computer
Setting the date for an alarm is not possible (you can enable alarms for specific weekdays only)
TClock Light

TClock Light

TClock Light allows you to change your Windows' system tray clock.
TClock Light is a simple clock that allows you to change your Windows' system tray clock. By default, it shows...
Simple and easy to use
Fully customizable
Includes alarms
Unattractive user interface
Clock 2010 Screensaver
Clock 2010 displays the current time and looks like a real analog clock.
...screen saver? Clock 2010 is a program for Windows that displays a simple and very readable analog clock as your...
Sarbyx TrayClock
Sarbyx TrayClock is a simple but nice clock for Windows.
...a simple clock that is placed on the system tray and replaces the standard clock that comes with Windows...
Lots of skins
It is available in multiple languages
Easy to use
Doesn't include alarms, reminders or calendars


A handy software tool that simply installs an analog clock on your desktop.
...every alarm to show a message window, play the specified sound or ...ClocX is analog clock application for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000...
You can drag the clock to any position on your desktop
You can set the transparency level of the clock
Includes nearly 400 funny clock skins
Includes some complicated parameters

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