Windows 7 Hotkey Manager Downloads

A hotkey means a keyboard shortcut - a set of keys used to invoke operations set by the user. The apps from this set will allow you to assign hotkeys to perform any action in the Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 Hotkey Manager download selection by Marisa Therezza. May 18, 2015



NTWind Software
TaskSwitchXP 2.0.11 is an advanced task switcher for Windows XP or 2003 ONLY. have in Windows, with some additional ...not bring the usual Windows screen, but the program...
Most popular in Windows 7 Hotkey Manager
It uses very little memory. It has a nice look
Some users will find that the programĀ“s features are not worthy enough to install it
PC Auto Shutdown
GoldSolution Software, Inc.
Schedule PC shutdown, power off, hibernate or log off. a feature-rich Windows utility that not only let ...this utility for your Windows PC if you're...
Lets you define various shortcut keys
You can choose between various types of tasks
Allows you to set your own audio files as alarm sounds
Unappealing interface
Hot Keyboard Pro
Hot Keyboard Pro is a very useful automatization tool.
...detected that I had Windows Media Player and Internet ...function as a password manager, which can paste...
Most downloaded in Windows 7 Hotkey Manager Most recent in Windows 7 Hotkey Manager
It comes with a lot of built-in macros
It is easy to use
Nice interface


HotKeyz is a very intuitive and complete hotkey manager.
...and complete hotkey manager. It allow ...Those range from window management, to calendar...
It is very easy to use
It comes with several hotkey categories built-in
Comfort Keys Lite
Comfort Software Group
Comfort Keys Lite makes your daily tasks on your system more comfortable.
...keyboard, clipboard manager, template manager, and language ...hide or display windows, a built-in...
Supports multiple languages
Compatible with Windows Windows Vista, XP and 2000
Supports quick start from the Windows context menu
Limited features in the lite version
PuTTY Session Manager
David Riseley
Allows system administrators to organize their PuTTY sessions into folders.
PuTTY Session Manager (PSM) is a tool that ...This is designed for MS Windows and requires the .NET 2.0...
Active Keys
A tool for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts for any system action.
...creating and managing keyboard shortcut ...actions, sound volume, windows resizing, opening Internet...
Active Keyboard
Drive Software Company
Active Keyboard is a multilingual utility to create hotkeys for every task.
...and Windows control ...hotkeys to open a folder, start the screensaver, control the volume, manage...
We can create as many hotkeys as we want
Vista not compatible
xNeat Clipboard Manager
XNeat Inc.
xNeat Clipboard Manager keeps track of the items copied to the clipboard.
...the standard Windows copy function ...xNeat Clipboard Manager has the ...a keyboard hotkey you will...
Easy to use
Nice user interface
Personal Assistant
Shelltoys Inc.
Personal Assistant is a comprehensive personal information manager.
...comprehensive personal information manager that allows you to manage tasks more efficiently...
Easy to use
Nice and intuitive user interface
Password manager with password generator
Lacks a contact manager and calendar
Comfort Keys
Comfort Software Group
Comfort Keys is an advanced hotkey manager for Windows OS.
Comfort Keys is an advanced hotkey manager for Windows OS. Main features: - Change the...
Statistics Scoreboard
M & D Innovations
Turn your PC into a Sports Scoreboard and keep track on your team's game!
...keys" mastered so you can manage the clock as the game...
Easy way to have a Pro-Looking scoreboard, most sports covered, making this app suitable for all amateur leagues
Being PC-based makes it good under certain conditions, but to display in real-time games (daylight) you might need a proper screen making it difficult for most amateur teams/leagues
HotKey Manager
Allows you to control most of the tasks with hotkey combinations.
HotKey Manager is a powerful tool that ...minimize or maximize any window, control your audio CD...
Most relevant in Windows 7 Hotkey Manager
Can speed up your work amazingly
ActiveActions is an launch tool that also acts like hotkey manager.
...that also acts like hotkey manager. You can launch ...easy access to daily Windows function (like, exit...
Virtual Screen Manager
Create an unlimited number of virtual screens on your computer monitor.
...Screen integrity protection, - Handling explorer window hiding, - Help system, - Application sharing...
Keyboard Manager
Galloway Software
...350 keyboard hotkeys or key ...key combination, Keyboard Manager automatically activates the...
JumpKeys Pro
Bruce Graham
A multi-function utility for desktop window control and accelerated text editing.
...between), minimizing, and maximizing windows (including child windows in MDI applications), making...
Keyboard Shortcuts Manager
Freeware Software
It is a tool designed to create and manage keyboard shortcuts.
Keyboard Shortcuts Manager allows creation of custom keyboard...
4t Tray Minimizer
4t Niagara Software
4t Tray Minimizer allows you to minimize any window to the tray. helping you to better manage your windows, allowing you to open...
Works very well
Additional buttons aren't correctly displayed in hand-made windows
Platinum Parts F-Key Connection
The Connection
Platinum Parts F-Key Connection is a Fast & Convenient One-Touch Product Look Up.
...Parts - Hollander EBook - Hollander Yard Management System (HYMS/SuperDOS) - Pinnacle - Powerlink...

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