Windows 7 Audio Player Downloads

The software on this list presents audio players suitable for the Windows 7 operating system. These applications support most widespread audio file formats like MP3, AC3, MPEG-1, OGG, etc. Some of the programs also come with a variety of skins and visualization tools.

Windows 7 Audio Player download selection by Marisa Therezza. May 18, 2015

Windows Media Player
A powerful and convenient media manager from Microsoft.
...would agree that Windows Media Player has proven to ...of video and audio material on their computers...
Most popular in Windows 7 Audio Player
Pre-installed in Windows
Built-in audio and video codecs
Extended and simplified media sharing across the network and the Internet
Some useful features are not included (e.g. party mode)
VLC media player
VLC is a media player supporting most file formats and streaming protocols.
...At last! Among other Windows version features that a the overall player's usability, they...
Most downloaded in Windows 7 Audio Player
Highly portable
Improved lossless audio in .mkv files
No spyware and user tracking
Subtitle display issues


Apple Inc.
Play key media formats, including H.264 and AAC ones.
...for all QuickTime 7 users on Windows. Includes support for the key...
Support for H.264 compression
Works great with HD videos
Audio playback integration
Many extra codecs are needed for playback


RealNetworks, Inc.
Speedy video downloads, new Private Mode and instant access to Facebook videos.
...checks out the latest major player release. In fact, the only...
Nice Web-based features
Easy-to-use and sleek user interface
A very wide feature range
IE as the basic underlying browser


Nullsoft Inc.
Winamp player is designed to cover the large area of media file types.
...player is designed to cover the large area of video and audio Winamp player is very handy...
Most audio and video media files are supported
If loading a very large file, it will have a small loading period
It's hard to manage playlists
The KMPlayer

The KMPlayer

Pandora TV
Enjoy your favorite movies with an all-round player. BS Player, VLC media player or Gom Player. The capture your favorite audio and video parts...
Has numerous customise options
Supports 3D and 4K videos
Has various color skins
Lacks Blu-Ray discs support
K-Lite Codec Pack Full
Codec Guide
K-Lite is as full-codec package to work with a very wide range of video formats.
...who plays video or audio on a regular basi ...and audio files. It comes with a media player and...
Most recent in Windows 7 Audio Player
Play any video or audio file
Great source of codecs
Useful when converting between video formats
May seem overwhelming to beginners
GOM Player

GOM Player

Gretech Corporation
Feature-rich media player with support for the most popular codecs and formats.
...program’s graphical audio equalizer. GOM Player includes some displayed as window titles. All...
Resizes the screen automatically according to the video size
TTS-based accessibility features
Audio equalizer
No drawbacks found during the review
K-Lite Codec Pack
Codec Guide
The best-known and most full codec pack for media playback.
...a video, play audio of various formats or ...with Media Player Classic, a media player that's been...
Great set of codecs
Easy to use
Can conflict with old standalone codecs and players


Artem Izmaylov
Play, convert, organize, and enhance your favorite audio files.
...a more comprehensive audio tool than your default Windows Media Player, AIMP is an...
Most relevant in Windows 7 Audio Player
Includes an audio converter
Listen to your favorite radio stations
Captures streaming audio
Lacks a true waveform-based file editor
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack
Codec Guide
A package containing media codecs, an HD player and related tools. play practically any audio and video file ...package, including Media Player Classic Home Cinema...
Ample codec support
HD player supporting multiple sources
Frequent updating
Complex installation process


Free program for quality video and audio broadcasting. and audio online, but ...with an external player. What I ...aside from Windows, including Android...
Fast buffering


MpcStar is a program that can play audio or video files. adjust video, audio, and subtitle setting ...a main window that displays the player, the playlist...
Easy to use
User-friendly interface
Can play both audio and video files
Can’t add or edit effects
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
MPC HomeCinema will allow you to play audio and video files.
...Player Classic", another free player developed by Gabest, and based on Windows Media Player...
Lightweight tool
Can play any audio or video file
Readon TV Movie Radio Player
It allows you to view TV channels and listen to radio broadcasts.
...the latest Adobe Flash Player version and a VLC ...a video or just the audio part of a broadcast...
Well-structured interface
Access to worldwide channels
Search function
Doesn’t display the channels' status
Media Player Codec Pack
Cole Williams
Install a large set of multimedia codecs, filters, and plug-ins for your PC.
...tool like Windows Media Player integrated into ...and uncompressed audio codecs. Shorten audio files (...
Includes all common codec components
Support for all the most widely used file formats
Offers codecs for SD and HD video playback
No support for Shorten (SHN) audio files


Media player supporting standard files, YouTube and DVD playback.
...many video and audio formats without your ...attention. Luckily, the player works smoothly even when...
Remembers last position
Supports practically any video format
Configurable subtitles
YouYube player downloaded separately
Rich Media Player
Rich Media Player is a powerful multimedia file player. both videos and audio files, from both ...comes to multimedia players, Rich Media Player has all...
Supports a lot of file formats
Can play multimedia streams from online sources
Sometimes it might display error messages without crashing
AVS Media Player
Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Supports playback of multiple media formats, including video, audio and images. other modern media players. It has a ...multiple audio visualizations. Similarly, the player allows...
Supports multiple formats
Audio surround effects
Subtitle configuration
Not many ways to configure video image
Windows 7 Codec Pack
Permits you to play every video and audio compressed file.
...comes to playing audio and video files using Windows Media Player. You will...
Easy to install
Allows you to play almost any video and audio file with or without compression

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