Cam Motion Monitor Downloads

This set includes some of the best software for camera surveillance with lots of features that include motion detection, schedule recording or the ability to send you an alert when they detect something moving in the monitored area.

Cam Motion Monitor download selection is a descendant of our Webcam Motion Monitor by Stew Windsor customized for you:

WebCam Monitor
WebCam Monitor is an easy to use camera surveillance system.
...monitoring can be done on regular intervals or when the motion ...line is that WebCam Monitor can effectively serve as...
Most popular in Cam Motion Monitor Most relevant in Cam Motion Monitor
It is easy to use
It supports marking areas in which motion is ignored
It can stream IP video
It doesn´t support IP cams
Webcam Surveyor
El Software Solutions
Video capturing and surveillance tool featuring motion detection.
...feature is that it implements motion detection. Fortunately, a specific ...detections. In the event motion is detected, the...
Advanced motion detection
Various types of alarms
Highly compressed video
Only two output video formats
Webcam Surveillance Monitor
AthTek Software
Keep your home under security video guard 24 hour a day with several clicks.
...Surveillance Monitor provide ...motion details when they happen. * Remote Video Surveillance Use IP camera to monitor...
Webcam Motion Detector
Zebra-Media Software
Use local and IP video cameras for surveillance purposes.
...each of the cameras being monitored, you can specify different ...Thus, you can adjust motion-sensitive areas and set a...
Most recent in Cam Motion Monitor
Supports both local and IP cameras
Highly configurable motion detection events
Issues various types of alerts
Too many options cramped in a single window
Eyeline Video System
NCH Software
Eyeline Video System is a closed circuit surveillance application.
...connect to remote cams via URL ...Besides real-time monitoring, the application ...this application is motion detection. It...
It supports an unlimited number of local and network cameras
It allows streaming video via local networks and the Internet
It allows scheduling recordings
The installation package offers to download and install other applications
Video Site Monitor
FG Engineering Inc.
Video Site Monitor - Multi-Camera WebCam Software.
...a software program which provides Video Monitoring and Motion Detection for a home or a business. Something...
CAM Wizard
LEDSET Software
Cam Wizard detects motion and then records it as a WMV video. that allows you to monitor and detect motion. Cam Wizard movies contain a time stamp...
Cam Wizard is a home security system
Detects only movements
High compression of footages
Evinco Solutions Limited
CamShot will allow you to turn your computer into a monitoring system.
...turn your computer into a monitoring system using an available webcam ...when a given level of motion is detected. When an...
It allows creating different rules
It supports two modes
It is easy to use


SV series Digital Surveillance System is the perfect security solution for home.
...monitor live camera video indoor, and also view the camera remotely; with the Motion ...Motion Detection; -Networking
It enables users to keep an eye on their neighborhood's or their own property.
...for monitoring your web cams, network cameras, microphone stream, etc. It comes with motion detection...
Easy to use
User-friendly interface
Playback feature
IP CamSecure

IP CamSecure

This is the most Powerful FREE Surveillance Management Software.
...Smart Search system allows for general monitoring of motion, missing objects, foreign objects and...

Some Cam Motion Monitor downloads, not featured in Webcam Motion Monitor

CamUniversal manages practically all sorts of video capturing devices.
...cams and TV tuners. In this regard, the program supports motion ...the possibility of monitoring an unrestricted number...
Most downloaded in Cam Motion Monitor
It supports an unlimited number of cameras
Video can be streamed over the network
It can trigger motion-detection alarms
The interface should be made more intuitive
An excellent solution to advanced surveillance needs.
Cam Viewer Plus Pro helps users to monitor and record - Smart Guide : Motion Detection, Focal Loss, Missing...
Motion Monitor
Motion Monitor is a light-weight, easy to configure security application.
...up a web cam, or any other DirectShow compliant device, and use Motion Monitor to keep...


Yawcam (Yet Another WebCAM) allows you to watch, record, and stream webcam feed. a Windows service in the background. Motion detection and FTP upload are other...
Its basic functions are easy to use
It supports streaming video via IP
It allows using remote IP cameras
It requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your machine
WatcherForYou is an advanced video surveillance software.
...capabilities that can monitor the specified areas locally ...or phone automatically when motion detection is enabled...
USR Mini Cam for Skype
The USR Mini Cam automatically adjusts to lighting conditions.
...the USR Mini Cam on your monitor and place the Skype ...quality image and jerky motion. - The USR Mini Cam has a wide angle...

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