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If you're interested in weather forecast, there are many solutions like widgets for your instant messenger or browser which allow you to keep track of the current weather forecast. There are also more complex stand-alone applications designed to provide more detailed and accurate information.

Weather Tool download selection by Robert Polubinski. March 24, 2015

Weather Forecast
eXs Corporation
Weather Forecast will bring you all the weather data you need.
...the day/night weather conditions, like's worth trying Weather Forecast, a handy application...
User-friendly interface
Option to update at any interval you wish
Comes with a large selection of locations
Current Weather
This program provides the current weather condition in a system tray icon.
...worldwide. Current Weather periodically checks the weather server for updated weather reports. If...
Weather Watcher Live
Singer's Creations
Watch the weather conditions of the world live with this program.
...display the weather information from the weather station ...It also shows weather forecasts both for...
Most recent in Weather Tool
Useful for farmers, frequent travelers and for the common citizen
Nice interface and features
You need to be connected to the Internet to get the data in real time
The Weather Channel Desktop
The Weather Channel Interactive
The Weather Channel Desktop 5.2 is an utility to get local weather information. access local weather information. You ...Forecasts, Weather Maps, Local Traffic, Weather New...
It´s plenty of useful and accurate information, updated periodically through the web
It´s not multilingual. Some info covers only the United States. The installer only works with the traditional paths stated in the English versions of Windows
Weather Grabber
Weather Grabber is a small desktop easily retrieve worldwide weather fore...
...easily retrieve worldwide weather forecasts. Don ...of national weather conditions. Weather Grabber...
Dulux WeatherShield WeatherDesk
A utility for your desktop providing weather information from across Australia.
...Internet and media weather information provider. The Weather Company specializes in supplying...
Provides Weather Forecasts for over 400 Australian locations
Downloads available for Windows 2000 and XP, not Vista
WeatherTAP Studio
It's a professional application providing you with a complete weather service.
...with RadarLab Plus tool. You can also ...for severe weather watches, advisories, severe weather plot...
Comprehensive weather service
Accurate data
Free only for WeatherTAP subscibers
The Weather Channel App
The Weather Channel, LLC
It helps you receive local weather information on your desktop.
...loading radar weather maps, The Weather Channel app ...The Weather Channel app is a great tool for...
Most popular in Weather Tool Most downloaded in Weather Tool
Supports push alerts
Includes weather maps
PC Weather Machine
Roberto Hufnagel
PC Weather Machine is an integrated virtual Weather Station.
...than most weather modules. PC Weather Machine let ...of the latest weather information, displaying the...
A simple application that will inform you about weather in various cities aloud.
...the program should update the weather information of 'MyCities' locations. The...
A little bit messy interface
Weather Display
Cheers Brian
Weather display is the software which was designed to use with weather stations.
...Weather display is that it has a large set of tools ...of weather conditions by weather warning email...
Good graphical presentation of the weather data
Can upload and display a WEB CAM image and animate it
Has a lot of useful features
Poor full screen mode
Kelly Software
Check your location weather conditions automatically with this application. to know the weather conditions of a ...automatically when the weather conditions change. The...
Not free
Tray Weather Forecast
Tray Weather Ltd.
Personal weather forecast desktop informer with tray icon.
...Huge international cities base - Retrieving weather forecast for a several cities simultaneously...
Latest comments:
Luis Oliveira
Excellent program and quite cheap! It provides all the weather information I need in a very simple...
Weather Station
Softwear Works A&I
...that automatically retrieves hourly weather reports...
...warnings form NOAAs National Weather Service - Interactive Weather Information Network (iwin.nws...
Weather Depot
Weather Connections Corporation
Desktop weather forecast software.
...animations of TV weather with the immediacy ...of Weather Depot and with Weather Depot Premium! Weather...
Weather Defender
SWIFT Weather
Weather Defender scans for weather intruders near your home or place of business.
...of radar and weather satellites, and ...Once desktop weather software identifies a weather threat...
Latest comments:
Abe Bush
Weather Defender is a nifty program for weather enthusiasts. However, most of the data is available...
Weather Analyzer
720 East Blackland Road
Crop Weather Analyzer is a weather import/analyzer utility. update daily historical weather files in CroPMan ...from web-based weather station network or...
Weather Screen
Weather Screen puts information about the weather and more on your screen.
...around the world? Weather Screen puts information ...You will receive weather information of your...
Very versatile
Very complete
A lot of information
Nothing worth mentioning
Robomagic Corp.
WetSock shows your current weather conditions and forecasts as...
...a Winsock compliant weather client for PCs running ...the handling of irregular weather data and adds...

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