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A weather forecast tool is a computer program that will display a prediction of the weather conditions in a specified time frame. Humidity is defined as the amount of vapors of water in the air. This set is comprised of weather forecast applications that will also provide you with information about the air humidity levels.

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YoWindow is a screensaver that will display weather information. weather information (temperature/feels like, humidity, wind, pressure, etc.) and the forecast...
Most popular in Weather Forecast Tool with Humidity Information
It shows you not only the present weather, but the forecast for the next three days
It will reflect the weather on an animated scene
Weather Watcher Live
Singer's Creations
Watch the weather conditions of the world live with this program.
...the weather information from the weather station nearer ...It also shows weather forecasts both for the...
Most recent in Weather Forecast Tool with Humidity Information
Useful for farmers, frequent travelers and for the common citizen
Nice interface and features
You need to be connected to the Internet to get the data in real time
MicroSmarts LLC
A software application to display latest weather information of any city.
...latest weather forecast ...informs you about the wind direction, wind speed, humidity ...This tool bundled...
It can display weather information of almost all cities of the world
User interface is very impressive
Also shows you sunrise and sunset time
Weather forecasts of small cities are not available
Weather Clock
Respect Soft
Weather Clock is a multifunctional clock for Windows.
...and a 5-day weather forecast. If for some ...information about the current weather, like humidity...
Fully customizable
Lots of skins to change the clock appearance
Easy to use
GUI looks a bit dated
Crawler Desktop Weather
Crawler, LLC
Crawler Desktop Weather is a standalone weather application.
...forecasts. It also shows radar and map data and weather ...point, visibility, humidity, pressure, wind...
It doesn't require a web browser
No alerts whatsoever
Kelly Software
Check your location weather conditions automatically with this application.
...informed about the weather in temperature, humidity, pressure ...get the weather forecast for your...
Not free
Weather Center
CIL Software
Weather Center is a very nice weather information tool. information tool. The application shows quite a bit of information ...five day forecast for your...
It displays temperature on the tray
Weather and Amber alerts
Good interface
It was reporting wrong temperatures for a while
Dulux WeatherShield WeatherDesk
A utility for your desktop providing weather information from across Australia.
...humidity, rainfall, and wind speed and direction. The up-to-date weather information...
Provides Weather Forecasts for over 400 Australian locations
Downloads available for Windows 2000 and XP, not Vista
Weather on Earth 3D
Weather on Earth 3D brings the weather forecast to your screen.
...the weather forecast ...humidity, so the screen will also tell you that. All this information ...tool will...
Nice picture
Good and useful information
It is just that. It shows the weather forecast
Channel 3 Weather Wizard
BIA Information Network
A weather and news alert program for Northern Ohio viewers.
...launched a new weather forecasting feature, Stormtracker ...and humidity etc weather information...
Fast severe weather alert
Download only available after form filling
Weather Monitor
Bushin SOFTWARE - Igor "Igogo" Bushin
Desktop gadget that shows the weather conditions for your current city.
...of checking the current weather conditions and the weather forecast for your current...
Includes additional astronomical data and geomagnetic storm monitoring parameters
Can be a bit tricky and difficult to install, considering it comes as an archive that contains a .gadget file
HTC Home Apis
It's a set of nice and handy widgets for Windows desktops. forecast conditions, the temperature, and even the humidity ...the weather information...
It's open source
Lots of customization possibilities and advanced options
Offers to install additional software not needed by its functioning (ad-supported)
The Weather Channel App
The Weather Channel, LLC
It helps you receive local weather information on your desktop. conditions also come with comprehensive data, presenting information like the humidity...
Most downloaded in Weather Forecast Tool with Humidity Information
Supports push alerts
Includes weather maps
Weather Forecast
eXs Corporation
Weather Forecast will bring you all the weather data you need. conditions, like temperature, pressure information, visibility and humidity ...Weather Forecast...
User-friendly interface
Option to update at any interval you wish
Comes with a large selection of locations
Weather Gizmo
App that provides information about the weather around the world. such as humidity levels, wind speed ...forecast. Unlike other similar apps, it shows information...
Simple, to-the-point application
Shows information in a very attractive way
Easy to set up
Displays information for one location at a time

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