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Applying effects to a voice in order to make it blend in with the song is a task you can manage with a voice modifying software. It allows you to morph, alter pitch and add effects to your voice. Virtually any effect can be added to your voice and even the overall sound can be changed.

Voice Effects download selection is a descendant of our Voice Editor by Noah Sands customized for you:

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus
Blaze Audio
5-Band Graphic EQ allows creates endless changes.
...a 5 band Equalizer, robot voice effects, flange, echo, pitchshift ...a 5 band Equalizer, robot voice effects, flange, echo, pitchshift, and...
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MorphVOX Effects Rack
Screaming Bee
The MorphVOX Effects Rack is a plug-in for MorphVOX Pro.
...MorphVOX Pro and expand your voice modification possibilities. The MorphVOX Effects Rack also provides you with...
Fake Voice
Web Solution Mart
A tool to create fake voices altering the pitch and formant of your own voice.
...or add echo to your voice, or apply a robot effect, changing the voice according to your preferences...
Supported by various calling software tools, like Skype
Cost is a bit high
Voxal Voice Changer
NCH Software
Change your original voice easily with this program.
...change or modify your original voice. You can use this function ...can also record your voice or use a prerecorded voice file, and then apply...
Easy to use
Many different preset voices
MorphVOX Pro
Screaming Bee Inc.
MorphVOX Pro can change your voice when you´re talking through a microphone.
...change at will, creating new voice effects. You can also download voices and sound packs from Screaming...
It´s fun
It´s easy to use
Deep Space Voices
Screaming Bee
Deep Space Voices is a dedicated add-on program for all the MorphVOX Pro users.
...of the MorphVOX voice changing software had been longing for few additional effects, and in comes...
Many unique cool sound effects
Requires MorphVOX Pro voice changer software
Abyss Media Company
Process audio files to change the pitch and tempo of a musical composition.
...have a little fun, mostly by changing recorded voices. While some of its features are hard...
Processes audio in real time
Can detect the tempo automatically
Helps transposing music
Screaming Bee LLC
MorphVOX will change your voice to match your personality.
...mouse or joystick button.MorphVOX voice changer is fully functional for ...or joystick button.MorphVOX voice changer is fully functional for...
Voice Converter
It is a powerful voice editor, capable of a wide range of vocal processing.
...vocal processing. Its "Voice Matching" feature converts a source speaker’s voice into a target speaker’s voice, based on its...
Latest comments:
I can't get the exact voice. I am converting a boy voice to a male voice.
Help me.
Sony Digital Voice Editor
Sony Corporation
Is an editor and converter for the recordings made with Sony digital recorders.
As it name reads Sony Digital Voice Editor is a software that allow ...a format compatible with the Digital Voice Editor to be played in the...
Convert, transfer and edit digital audio recordings
This software is not available for the Mac. Only for Sony devices. Limite compatibility to Win Vista

Some Voice Effects downloads, not featured in Voice Editor

FlexiMusic Composer
Program for mixing and composing music and creating melody tunes using samples.
...Bar Cycle and Single File/Voice 4. FlexiMusic Composer has more ...different tracks 7. It provides many effects like Volume and Pan, Equalizer...
More than 600 instrument sounds
Volume, Pan, Equalizer, Echo, Wave on Wave, Reverse, etcetera effects
Works on Vista
The shareware version can only be used 7 times
Play and mix audio tracks, video clips, scrolling text, and photo slideshows.
...feature provides more than 14 HD visual effects. You can also make use of the...
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Supports various sound formats
Plays karaoke video
Automatic beat matching
Takes a while to learn to use it fluently
VLC media player
Plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, etc.
VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CD...
Most popular in Voice Effects Most downloaded in Voice Effects
Highly portable
Improved lossless audio in .mkv files
No spyware and user tracking
Subtitle display issues
Scramby scrambles your voice, making you sound different.
...can also add special effects to your voice, like Crowd Laughing ...microphone, with the distortion effects and background you selected. Then...
It´s a very fun application
Photo Story for Windows
Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows is an application to create sideshows.
...favorite music and even your own voice to create a narration. Microsoft ...one of the stunning visual effects available, such as watercolor...
easy to use
great quality results
small video size
AV WebCam Morpher
AV WebCam Morpher allows you to morph your video image and voice in real time.
...Some of the voice effects include the ability to invert your voice, make your voice sound louder, changes...
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive user interface
Fully customizable

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