Fake Voice Downloads

Changing your voice might be necessary for many different purposes, for example, when you talk to someone via Skype, when you create a presentation, or when you play online games. These applications will help modify voices by using lots of morphing effects, as well as you will be able to find the best pack of voices that will suit your needs.

Fake Voice download selection is a descendant of our Voice Changer by Victoria Nelson customized for you:

Fake Voice
Web Solution Mart
A tool to create fake voices altering the pitch and formant of your own voice.
...change your male voice into a female voice, and vice versa ...on manual intervention during voice recording. You can easily...
Most downloaded in Fake Voice Most relevant in Fake Voice
Supported by various calling software tools, like Skype
Cost is a bit high
AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND
Avsoft Corp.
This tool can record and analyze voices, add various effects to the recordings.
...help of a number of voice modifying functions - voice analyzer, parody mixer, voice comparator, music morpher...
Numerous vivid effects
Clear display
Requires background knowledge when working with voice editing and voice analyzer
Male Voice Pack
Screaming Bee
Male Voice Pack 1.3.0 adds 6 new male voices to MorphVOX Voice Changer.
...MorphVOX Voice Changer with 6 male voices. MorphVOX Voice ...completely different voice. Note: Male Voice Pack 1.3.0...
It´s a nice free add-on form MorphVOX Voice Changer
Fantasy Voice Pack
Screaming Bee
Fantasy Voice Pack is a voice pack to be used with MorphVOX.
...and the new voices will just appear in ...This pack features 8 different voices, based on fantasy characters:...
It´s fun
It´s a free add-on for MorphVOX
MorphVOX Pro
Screaming Bee Inc.
MorphVOX Pro can change your voice when you´re talking through a microphone.
...Pro will change your voice, making you sound like ...and timbre of your voice through predefined parameters, which...
Most popular in Fake Voice
It´s fun
It´s easy to use
AV Voice Changer Software
This program allows you to easily change your voice in real-time.
...as a recorder, a voice comparator or an audio player ...feature-rich and powerful voice-changing application that offers...
Includes an audio player, recorder and voice comparator
Skinnable interface
Compatible with many voice chat applications and online games
An activation code is required in order to use the demo
MorphVOX Junior
Screaming Bee LLC
MorphVOX Junior 2.changes user’s voice to match the personality.
...suitable changes to user’s voice to match the personality ...to its high-quality voice changer software technology. Moreover...
Buit-in voices to change to man, woman, and little folk
Only good for pranks, not real usage
Personality Voices
Screaming Bee
Personality Voices is another cool add-on for the MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer.
...MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer software, which provides voice-changing ...to instant messaging and voice-overs, allowing the...
User may not sound exactly like the examples because it varies from person to person
Spooky Sounds
Screaming Bee
Spooky Sounds 2.1 is a pack of sounds for MorphVOX voice masking software.
...of spooky sounds for MorphVOX voice masking software. Along with ...free add-on for MorphVOX Voice Masking Software, you´ll...
Most recent in Fake Voice
It´s a free add-in for MorphVOX

Some Fake Voice downloads, not featured in Voice Changer

MidiNotate Composer
Notation Software, Inc.
Easily create music with the look and the sound that you want.
...your instrument or voice range. Prepare fake book lead sheet ...your instrument or voice range. Prepare fake book lead...


It allows you to make video calls and chat with your friends.
ICQ is a free program that allows you to make video calls and chat with your friends. You can share your photos and...
It is a great instant messenger client
Most of the new users seem to be from non-English speaking countries
Zero-G Vocal Forge
Native Instruments Software Synthesis GmbH
This program includes a library with vocal elements in various styles.
...& breaths, human beatbox & percussion grooves and fake TV and radio clips.
The SUM Program Demo
Health Professions Institute
The leading medical transcription training program used in schools, hospitals.
...dictation, not simulated or “fake” script-read reports. Authentic ...a wide variety of voices and dictation styles—male...
Mini Recorder
Sixbytes Software
With Mini Recorder record your life in one MP3 file.
...audio, game sound, video sound, voice chat content, etc.) - Unique ...style configuration interface. - Fake icon for fun.

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