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A computer virus is a malicious code or program that once executed starts to replicate, infecting other program data and performing harmful actions, such as stealing data, deleting data, occupying hard disk space, virtual memory, slowing down the CPU, etc.

The applications found within this collection will help you remove various viruses and cleaning after their infections. These tools are only virus removing tools that scan and delete any virus or malware found on your CPU, they don't necessarily offer real-time virus protection functions, like complex antivirus tools do.

Virus Remover download selection by Etan Bourke. November 12, 2014

Autorun Virus Remover
Autorun Remover International Inc.
Tiny anti-virus tool designed to get rid of autorun and autorun.inf trojans.
Autorun Virus Remover is a tiny your computer. Autorun Virus Remover checks your drives and...
Most popular in Virus Remover Most downloaded in Virus Remover Most relevant in Virus Remover
Compatible with other anti-virus tools
Offline virus detection (no signature virus needed)
Simple and easy-to-use interface, suitable for all
Dull interface
Trojan Remover
Simply Super Software
Trojan Remover is intended to remove malware successfully.
...always succeed in removing it. The application start it. Trojan Remover uses a malware database...
It is easy to use
Its malware database can be updated
It successfully removes malware that other AV programs fail to eliminate
It has very few options
Sophos Virus Removal Tool
Sophos Ltd.
It is a free program that allows you to remove viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc.
...provides scanning and removal of detected threats, Sophos Virus Removal Tool is a lightweight...
Most recent in Virus Remover
Neat and lightweight
Accurate since it's based on the acknowledged Sophos engines
The scanning speed could've been faster
PenDrive Virus Remover
Abhishek Singh
The program "Pendrive Virus Remover" can remove most common pendrive viruses.
..."Pendrive Virus Remover" can remove most common pendrive viruses.PenDrive Virus Remover is a free...
Advanced Spyware Remover
Advanced Spyware Remover is a very powerful antivirus and privacy care tool.
...Spyware Remover can help you to keep all the viruses ...the background, and remove the unwanted ones in...
Easy to use
Built-in privacy tools
Clean Virus MSN
Clean Virus MSN scans, spots and erases viruses transmitted over MSN messenger.
...they often contain viruses that run themselve ...automatically. Clean MSN Virus detects more than 3...
Effective, Useful, User Friendly
New Folder Virus Removal Tool
Security Stronghold
Security Stronghold security team has developed Newfolder.exe Virus removal.
...has developed Newfolder.exe Virus removal. An ".exe" file ...know how to remove NewFolder.exe because...
PDFVirus Removal Tool
Security Stronghold
PDF-Virus Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all PDF-Virus.
PDF-Virus Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all PDF-Virus entries running on a scanned...
Refreshvirus Removal Tool
Security Stronghold
Technical details of refresh virus problem and refresh virus removal tool.
...detection and refresh virus removal by removal tool. A ...act of refresh virus removal or attempt to...
Adware Remover
Net Software
ADWARE REMOVER easily Detects & Removes ALL Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Popups...
...TOP FEATURES -- Scan & Remove Adware -- Remove Spyware, Bots & Viruses -- Block Browser Hijackers...
Virus Effect Remover
Avinash Sachan
This is a tool that solves system problems caused by viruses.
...used by beginners. Besides the removing viruses and repairing the damage that...
Open-source program
It includes a great number of features
Offers access to an efficient "startup" manager
No disadvantages were found

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