File Upload Downloads

All these applications are especially designed to help you transfer files from your hard drive to a web server or vice versa. They also offer you the opportunity to share your files with other computers and monitor the file transferring process. You will get detailed information regarding transfer speed, host status, remaining transfer time, etc.

File Upload download selection is a descendant of our Upload Files to Web by Reef Longue customized for you:

Easy File Sharing Web Server
EFS Software, Inc.
Easy File Sharing Web Server is a tool for sharing files.
...connect to it to download and upload files. This tool comes with a user ...SSL for added security. Easy File Sharing Web Server is incredibly...
It is easy to setup
Works well out-of-the-box
FileZilla Client
Tim Kosse
FileZilla Client is a very popular open-source FTP client.
...transfer some random files over the Internet, or to upload an entire website ...enables users to create empty files on the server. I strongly...
Most popular in File Upload
Very reliable program
Comes with a large number of features
Open-source application
You have to visit the webpage of the application in order to get help or documentation
Classic FTP
NCH Software
Classic FTP is a handy tool to perform file transfers from and to FTP servers.
...a simple manner to transfer files between a FTP server and your ...making it possible to upload or download files quickly and easily. For...
Neat and lightweight
Supports the SSL protocol
Offers to install unneeded bloatware
TyphoonUpload 1.0 is a great tool for sending and sharing files. address of the receiver. After uploading the file the receiver will get an email notification...
Great design
Easy-to-use interface
Only one skin
SmartSoft Ltd
SmartFTP is a program used especially for Website publishing and maintenance.
...These will allow you to upload more files at once, or you can ...see the speed which the files are uploaded. The program also contains a...
Complete, easy to install, a lot of functions
Uploader! is a completely task-free way to quickly upload files. download, rename, remove files, and more. Uploader! includes a drag & drop can simply drag files onto the Uploader! icon on your...

Some File Upload downloads, not featured in Upload Files to Web



A desktop application that allows you to upload pictures or videos on Instagram. a desktop application that allows you to upload pictures or videos on Instagram. The program...
Most downloaded in File Upload
Simple-to-use interface
Lets you crop, flip, rotate, and apply effects and filters to the images
Supports only JPG/JPEG files


Dropbox, Inc.
Synchronize your local data with your Dropbox account.
...that every file you drop there is automatically uploaded to ...that large attachment become automatically uploaded to Dropbox. Finally, they...
Most recent in File Upload
Creates a synchronized local folder available through the file manager
Proxy settings
Shared folders
Other cloud services not supported
ChilliTorrent is a simple, neat and free BitTorrent client. of charge to download, upload and open torrent files that people are sharing across the...
Neat, small, and lightweight
Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
Allows setting transfer speed limits
ArcSoft WebCam Companion
It is a very useful tool for manipulate images from your webcam.
Have more fun with your webcam in HD and 3D mode. Main features: - Capture awesome HD and 3D images or videos with your webcam - Easy-to-use...
Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Great value for its price. Comprehensive solution for your webcam

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