Increase Typing Speed Downloads

These applications will help you improve your typing skills and learn to type much faster. These typing tutors come with many features including speed tests and speed measurement functions, customized lessons, exercises of different difficulty levels, etc.

Increase Typing Speed download selection is a descendant of our Typing Tutor by David Wardle customized for you:

Catchysoft Typing Tutor
A flexible and powerful touch-typing tutor for improving your typing skills.
Touch Typing has become an important skill for users because of the growth of the data-entry industry. Thousands of data-entry jobs and opportunit...
Most relevant in Increase Typing Speed
Compatible with most of the Windows OS
Simple and easy to use
By using this, you can test your typing skills and find out your average typing speed
Does not support Linux and Mac OS
GS Typing Tutor
Grass Software
It helps you learn touch typing or develop your typing speed.
GS Typing Tutor is a comprehensive application that includes all the necessary tools to improve your typing speed and accuracy. It helps you le...
Includes entertaining typing games
Can track your progress
Neat and intuitive interface
TypingMaster Pro
TypingMaster Inc.
This application allows users to improve their typing skills.
...efore starting to write and how to move your fingers to get the most speed possible. Your typing speed will surely get increased by using this software. The free trial version allows you to complete two lessons. Once you have finished one lesson, the program ...
Most popular in Increase Typing Speed
It's easy to use
It improves typing skills
It has a friendly interface
It has no disadvantages
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor
NCH Software
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a handy typing trainer and testing utility.
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a handy typing trainer and testing utility that will help you improve your typing speed and accuracy. This powerful tool can...
Includes an initial test that helps you determine your current typing skill level
Includes entertaining typing games
Ten Thumbs
Runtime Revolution Ltd
Enjoy the fun lessons and learn to type in a fast way with this program.
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is an excellent application that, as its own name suggests, will guide you through fun and practical lessons in order to perfec...
It is a very fun and educational program
It teaches you good habits like how to sit correctly, for example
There are fun typing games included
KP Typing Tutor
Fonlow IT
A typing tutor program with a variety of methods to improve typing skills.
KP typing tutor is an easy-to-use yet effective typing tutor program which reduces the tediousness of learning how to type on a keyboard accura...
Multiple methods of keeping the interest of the budding typist
Mature program with its roots formed back in 1995
Includes a game for children
Humble user interface compared to today’s user expectations for such a tool
Kid's Typing Skills
A typing tutor for kids, which teaches kids how to use the keyboard.
Kid's Typing Skills is a typing tutor for kids. It teaches kids how to use the keyboard, a very needed skill nowadays, due to the increasing role ...
It´s free
Is very easy to use
Touch Typing Deluxe
Vinarski IT Services
It allows you to use your keyboard appropriately and improve your typing.
...oncentration curve. You can change the level of difficulty (this will reduce the allowed percentage of error, and will increase the required keystrokes). The second option is the "Free writing", which allows you to enter any text and measures the typing speed...
You can select the level of difficulty
The "Free writing" option allows you to export the introduced text for other applications
Trial version allows you to use only some lessons
Rapid Typing by Typing tutor labs.
Typing Tutor Labs
With this application you can improve your typing skills.
With this application you can improve your typing skills. Main features: - Beginner course. This course helps to learn the position of keys on the keyboard. - Advanced course, h...
Most recent in Increase Typing Speed
Latest comments:
Have tried rapid typing 4 and 5. There is a slight difference. Which one is correct?
Typing Master
Typing Master, Inc.
A tool for improving and testing your typing skills.
This program was designed for people who wish to test or improve their typing skills. The application allows you to create multiple user profiles, gives you access to various types of activities and courses, and...
Provides you with detailed statistics based on your test results
Lets you create multiple user profiles
Comes with comprehensive courses
Displays annoying ads
Its customised colourful properties can help us typing fast and accurately.
TypingTutorial 5 is a shareware we can download in two ways from the developer's website with and without installation (the file size stated...
Nice and very friendly graphical user's interface
Great colourful features that can be customised
Lots of helping tools for us to improve our typing
Alice Touch Typing Tutor
Can's Lab Software
A program that teaches you how to use the keyboard, through practical lessons.
Everybody is familiar with the cliche used in movies: someone using a computer and typing incredibly fast. To some, it may seem impossible to type so fast, but it can be done. It usually takes a very long time to get to tha...
Well-made lessons
Useful tips

Some Increase Typing Speed downloads, not featured in Typing Tutor

Typer Shark Deluxe
PopCap Games
In Typer Shark we must dive underwater to get the sunk treasures.
...en on their bodies. We can keep them away by typing these words. This game can really be useful for those who want to increase their typing speed or to teach children how to do it. In addition to this, graphics are quite good and I'm sure that children will ...
Most downloaded in Increase Typing Speed
Increases typing speed
Children would love it
Only 60 minutes of playing in demo version
SpeedUpMyPC 2015
Uniblue Systems Limited
Comprehensive system optimization tool to speed up your system’s performance.
Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC is a full-featured system optimization tool that speeds up your system’s performance and increases its responsiveness and stability in a simple and effective way. It covers all the usual conflict areas, such as all types of Windo...
Fast scanning process
Clear and intuitive self-explanatory interface
Performs an exhaustive diagnosis of your PC’s responsiveness
The trial version will fix only 15 errors
SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator
CBS Software
Optimize network settings to use Internet at maximum speed.
SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator can optimize your network settings so that you can use Internet connections at its maximum speed. It autom...
It provides a free of charge Connection Tester tool
Professor PC - Typing Tutor
Learn hoy to typewritting fast and easy with this program.
... you can perform them as many times as you want so you can learn at your own pace. Also, the exercises can help you to increase your typing speed. The program adds a fun element to learning by including several games in which you need to apply the knowledg...
Fun and easy to use
Arabic Typing Tutor Software
PCfone, Inc.
Learn how to type in Arabic with this educational program.
... how to type in Arab using a step-by-step method. In order to use the program, you need to create a user account by typing your name or nickname and a password. This way, the program will save your statistics and progress in learning. Also, this allows the...
Nice interface
Includes games and other activities to make learning easier
SmartTweak Software, Ltd.
SpeedUpMyComputer will increase the speed of your computer.
...omputer looks like a promising application for increasing the speed of your computer. SpeedUpMyComputer is designed to increase the speed of your computer to the highest level possible. It accomplishes this by automatically finding and repairing problems that...
Fast scanning process
Multi-language support
During the setup process, it offers to install unnecessary applications

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