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In order to be able to efficiently organize your music collection, your music files have to have proper names and tags, especially if they are MP3 files. To help you with the songs that don't have such information, tools such as these ones have been created. This information can be extracted from various sources, such as from the popular FreeDB website or from Amazon.

Find Music Info download selection is a descendant of our Track Info Finder by Leonard Moore customized for you:

AllMySongs Database
OptWin Software
It's a great tool for managing and cataloging music files.
...helps music afficionados organize their huge audio collections so that finding ...retrieve data for the indexed music, data like album cover...
Most relevant in Find Music Info
Customizable interface that supports skins
Supports popular audio file formats
Music Tag Tool
Wide Angle Software
Music Tag Tool enables you to correct and modify your mp3's information.
...a button Music Tag Tool will find Album Art for your music on the ...Artwork is available for your music, Music Tag Editor, lets you choose...
Music Label
Code:Aero Technologies
Music Label 2011 will create a database with information about your albums.
Music Label 2011 is a program that allow ...and maintain a database with information about your music collection. This way you can have a...
Most recent in Find Music Info
It has an interface that looks a lot like Office 2010
The Little App Factory
Tagalicious automatically finds the right information and tags for songs.
Tagalicious automatically finds the right information and tags for songs in your music collection. Quickly convert files...
My Music Collection
Nuclear Coffee Software
My Music Collection is comprehensive music catalog software. professional DJs. This music collection software provides options for ...and the application fill find all missing information on the...
TuneUp Companion
TuneUp Media
TuneUp Companion is a handy application that works together with iTunes.
...iTunes, adding album art, and helping you find concerts in your area. All in all...
Most popular in Find Music Info
User-friendly interface
Many useful functions
Not available for Mac users yet
Abander TagControl
Abander TagControl is an easy to use and powerful multimedia library manager.
...quickly and easily organize your music collection, and complete the ...tag information from filenames, finding album information in Internet...

Some Find Music Info downloads, not featured in Track Info Finder

It is a neat application that helps you listen to a whole universe of music. is a comprehensive music recommendation service. Last.Fm ...stations, and music collections of all the imaginable music styles. Moreover...
It lets you build "stations" that play only the music that you like. You can have different personalized stations according to your mood on a particular day
The personalization options are only available for subscribers, ant that cost about 4 dollars


Ventis Media, Inc.
MediaMonkey is the movie and music organizer for the serious collector.
...editor. Manage 100,000+ music and video files without bogging ...down. Record CDs and download music, movies, and podcasts. Automatically...
Most downloaded in Find Music Info
Plays both audio and video files
Supports lots of formats
Auto-tag function
Can’t load subtitles for video files
Finale NotePad
MakeMusic, Inc.
Compose, arrange and print your own music scores with this free program.
...Share your music by printing beautiful pages and exchanging a variety of electronic files. Find out how...
Very useful for amateur and professional musicians
Lyrics Plugin for Winamp
Lyrics Plugin
Lyrics Plug-in for Winamp is a small tool that provides lyrics for your songs.
...After a successful installation, you'll find the Lyrics Plug-in in the a piece of software tailored for music fans. To put it simply ...
Edit lyrics

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