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Applications of this kind are helpful when you want to display the path of sent packets across a network. They will show a list of traversed routes, how many hops the packet requires to reach the host and some programs also offer other network information and statistics.

Trace Route Service download selection is a descendant of our Trace Route by Pete Clapp customized for you:

Friendly Pinger
A.Kilievich & Co.
It is a networking tool which monitors all your network services with ease.
...ddresses for scanning. You can easily get DNS information of each address after the scanning process of the network. Its trace route option helps the user to see the route to a particular address. It also alerts the user incase of login and logout of any comput...
Automatically collects information about all the devices in your network
you can scan IP addresses
Keep all the changes informations
During graphic route representation, intermediate addresses which are not found on the map are skipped
Ultima Traceroute
Ultima Software
It allows you to trace the route of an IP or host name to its source.
Ultimate Traceroute is a network tool that allows you to trace the route of an IP or host name to its source determining the route taken by packets a...
It is the same like using the MS-DOS command "tracert" but the advantage is that you don't have to open the command window
There is no help to use the software. When installing an error can occur while trying to replace the file "shdocvw.dll" but you can click in the "Ignore" button. Another disadvantage is that you don't have options like the "tracert" command
Magic NetTrace
Tialsoft software
Track the route of any address between the network hosts and get detailed info.
Magic NetTrace, as its own name suggests, is a simple yet powerful application that will let you track the route between the network hosts, and obtai...
Track any address easily
Search for domain whois included
Path Analyzer Pro
Path Analyzer Pro delivers advanced network route-tracing with performance tests.
...y network, systems, or security professional on Windows and Mac OS X. Features: # Up to 20 times faster than traditional traceroute # Stunning report generation and export to impress your colleauges # Easy-to-use graphical interface for Windows and MacOS X # Vi...
Ping Manager
S.K. Software
Ping Manager is a set of network tools, based on ping.
Ping Manager is a set of network tools, based on ping, which includes: regular ping, ping IP address range, trace route and path ping. The utility can store up to 1000 pages and manage them simultaneously. Each page has a unique setting for both ma...
AnalogX HyperTrace
AnalogX HyperTrace is a GUI and a faster version of traceroute.
AnalogX HyperTrace is a GUI version of traceroute, which shows you the route that information travels from your machine to another machine on the interne...
Easy Net Switch
Easy Net Switch
Useful tool when you have to use your computer in different networks.
...witch parameters. Furthermore, each profile you create can be password protected. The program also includes the ping and traceroute tools.
You can create different profiles and select what information will be stored for each profile
Not found
Pingman Tools, LLC.
A tool to help you check the availability of a domain or network.
... the information you need about any website or IP address. In order to ping a certain address, PingPlotter will first trace your entire route, from your computer to the end point, and give you response times for each hoop that it passes through. Naturally, y...
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It allows you to export traces and pings report either as image or as text
It lets you customize your trace by allowing you to skip hoops
It is capable of alerting you when the monitored domain in unreachable
The program isn't able to alert you by SMS
AgataSoft Auto PingMaster
AgataSoft Auto PingMaster allows you to check your Internet connection.
...ite. You can configure the timeout and delay time and set it to auto start with the system. What is more, you can always trace any route by selecting max hops, host name, and ip address. You can also easily view realtime ping statistics in the tray hint and man...
Nice and intuitive user interface
Includes route tracer
Visual Trace Route
IT Lights Software
...replacement for the standard trace route utility. Friendly design, incredible...
FREE Visual replacement for the standard trace route utility. This software is the fastest way to get the route between your computer and any other computer in the world. This utili...
Latest comments:
Cool. Linking it to Google Maps would be magnifico! Gonna use it tonight to ID my network ;)

Some Trace Route Service downloads, not featured in Trace Route



It is flexible enough to support addition of new databases, heuristics to map.
GTrace uses a combination of methods to either determine or guess at the physical location of a node in the traceroute path. It is flexible e...
Fluke Networks Service Availability Tool
The Service Availability Tool helps network technicians and administrators.
...ify service port status - Measure response time - Create a performance threshold for response time - Run TCP trace routes - Save lists of key servers
Advanced Host Monitor
HostMonitor is a highly scalable network monitoring program.
... monitoring program suitable for small and enterprise-level networks. It can check any TCP service, ping a host, check a route, monitor Web, FTP, Mail, DNS servers, it creates various log files using different detail levels and file formats (Text, HTML, DBF and...
Allows you to schedule tests
The program can act as an IP monitor
Allows you to trace route IPs and web domains
The throng of buttons may be a bit overwhelming for inexperienced users
Advanced Net Tools (ANT)
Advanced Net Tools is a useful collection of network and internet utilities.
... advanced DNS utility that shows info on any host or IP, ARP configuration to remove ARP entries, but you will also find TraceRoute, NetStats, Ping utility, Adapter and Router configurations. A complete host of IP services are available that include IP configur...
Software is free and is organized
10-Strike LANState
Create visual network map, monitor servers, be notified on failures.
... features for administrators such as sending messages, shutting down and turning on remote computers, ping, name lookup, trace route, obtaining information on remote computers, creating reports, etc. LANState does not require installing any client software on t...
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We can easily monitor our computer network from one computer
Free Trial
EZ Pinger
Monitor network hosts via Ping, TCP, services, shares, and HTTP.
...e to online/offline events. It also includes other tools for assisting with networking tasks, such as a very high speed Trace Route, and very detailed reports of computer network-related status information. It also offers an extensible open plugin architectur...

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