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MP3 is the popular digital audio file format that uses lossy data compression and it is compatible with almost all players and devices. TTS, also known as Text-to-Speech, refers to an application or process through which text is read and converted into audio speech.

This set is composed of numerous text-to-speech applications that can read aloud various files and plain text, like PDF, RTF, emails, etc., and save the audio playback as MP3 files.

Text to Speech Tool That Can Save As MP3 download selection by Etan Bourke. March 29, 2015

NextUp Technologies, LLC.
TextAloud converts any text into high quality speech.
...the text-to-speech system to convert any text into ...you to install a tool bar on different programs...
Most recent in Text to Speech Tool That Can Save As MP3
You can select among different voices
You can change the speed and pitch of the voice
You can work with different articles at the same time
Trial version doesn't include the best voices
Verbose Text to Speech
NCH Software
Verbose is a text-to-speech and dictation application.
Verbose is a text-to-speech application. It ...You can't really save texts to .mp3 files from within the...
Can save speech output
Clipboard support
Easy to use
Default voice is annoying
Text Speaker
Text Speaker lets you turn texts into audio speeches.
...can save the audio content only as MP3 or ...you to give this text-to-speech tool a try whenever you...
Intuitive interface
Supports various text formats
You can download additional Ivona voices directly from the program
You can save the speech only to MP3 or WAV files
IVO Software
Expressivo is a text-to-speech app capable of reading aloud all types of texts.
...can also save your texts into audio files of different formats (MP3, WAV...
Intuitive interface
Lots of functions and features
Full integration with web browsers and applications
Not found


A free tool that can transform written text into audio.
...able to save files in wav and mp3 audio format ...a useful tool that can read your text documents for...
User friendly interface
Easy to use
Adjustable voice pronunciation
It can only save in wav and mp3 formats
Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader
Zabaware, Inc.
This program will read your documents and programes out loud.
...to save your eyes when you have to read text ...or MP3 player now. The interface of Hal Text-to Speech...
Handiness and ease of use
Works with many clients
Saves your eyes
Mechanical sound
Speak Aloud
Guangming Software
A tool to convert text or pdf/rtf/html files to speech files like MP3, WAV, WMA.
...a magnificent tool that read ...multiple text files to mp3 in ...to convert text to SWF speech stream...
Simple and easy to use
User friendly interface
Supports batch processing
Not a free tool
Advanced Text To Speech
Zerosoft 2000
ATTS is a speech utility that can read any text back to you.
...Text to Speech 3.6 (ATTS) is a Text to Speech ...save the spoken text to an audio file (WAVE or MP3...
Latest comments:
will wohler
It provides no useful, REVIEW-type information! It reads as nothing more than a sales description.
Text-to-Speech Master
TTS Master Team
Convert yout text files to audio with this useful program.
...possibility of recording the read text and save it as a sound file...
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Easy to use
Multiple language options
It cannot read PDF documents
Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter
Piston Software
A small tool that uses synthetic speech to read aloud any compatible text fie.
...can be saved in either MP3 or WAV file ...similar tools is the variable speed control. Text to Speech...
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Compact application with intuitive interface
Support for a wide variety of voices
Variable speed control
Text To MP3 Converter Software
Text to MP3 Converter Software can convert batches of text files into audio.
...limited to the text-to-speech engines installed on ...save it. Unluckily again, it only supports MP3...
It is easy to use
It comes with a demonstration video
It supports batch conversion
The buttons have captions in English with no visual clue whatsoever
Speech Analyzer
SIL International
Full-featured acoustic analyzer that shows graphs of speech and music sounds.
...tool that shows different graphical representations of speech ...in text editor let ...can then save for...
Fully customizable graph window
Accurate graphical representations of the main components of speech
Specific functionality for music recordings with MusicXML support
TextSound is an easy to use text to speech converter.
...to use text to speech converter. Output ...previous 'conversion settings' saved before. Conversion lists...
Very simple and easy to use. Very small application
Text can't be directly typed on the main window. The user has to create a text file and then add it to the main window


Stefan Estrada
Cross-platform text-to-speech tools, with which a computer reads text aloud.
...a converter to save the speech to an MP3. Other possible added tools include a Mozilla...
Free Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader
Natural Voices Readers
Free Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader is text to speech application.
...Voice Text to Speech Reader is text to speech application ...speech result can be saved as WAV or MP3...
Easy to use. Save to mp3 and wav files
The free version is very limited
It is a text-to-speech program that reads texts by human voice.
...: - Converting text to audio files (WAV, MP3) with high speed. - Adjustable speech parameters...
Free Natural Text to Speech Reader 2008
NaturalSoft Limited
NaturalReader is a tool to reproduct text into spoken audio.
...great tool that facilitates the reproduction of text into spoken ...format such as .MP3 or .WAV. The...
Extensive functionality
Conversion is comparatively slow
Sayvoice Text to Speech
Richky Hsu
A full-featured application that will read all your texts and documents aloud.
...Text To Speech Reader is a full-featured tool that ...feature will certainly save you time. Note...
It allows you to browse web pages and have them read aloud to you
Links with Google Translator for easy automated translation of your texts and documents
Well-structured stylish interface
Power Text To Speech Reader
Power Text To Speech Reader is a popular Text To Speech tool.
...or save text to MP3 or wave files for listening later. Power Text to Speech...
Latest comments:
it's like...
Ace Translator
This handy tool translates text to 91 most popular languages spoken worldwide.
...like text-to-speech support ...texts and save their audio streams as MP3 ...powerful translation tool that...
Most popular in Text to Speech Tool That Can Save As MP3
Very intuitive and easy to use
Supports 91 most popular languages
Includes text-to-speech support for 46 languages
A bit pricey compared with other translators

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