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A text expander is used to define short abbreviations and afterwards expand them into phrases or larger snippets of text. This type of programs will make your typing work much easier, as they allow using text shortcuts and macros that will expand short letters into entire sentences.

Text Expander download selection by Ann Dyra. June 05, 2015

Boris Graffiti
Boris FX, Inc.
This application will help you create 2D and 3D animtations for your texts.
...looking animations for your texts. I was totally ...you added on your text. Summarizing, I really...
Most downloaded in Text Expander
Provides numerous effect samples for you to choose from
Allows users to customize their workspace
Offers a wide range of customization options for your texts
Will work slowly on (low) medium-end computers
Andrea Nagar
PhraseExpander lets you make text templates and insert them into your writings.
...create templates for the texts/words that you ...or shortcuts to specific texts and, whenever you need...
Offers collaborative functions
Good auto-correction features
Provides steb-by-step video tutorials
Setting up all your abbreviations can take a while
Fanix Software
Asutype reviews and corrects your spelling while you are typing in any program.
...instead of typing a long text, you only type the much ...it with the original text. Of course you can...
Very easy to use
It learns from its own mistakes


16 Software
Breevy will let you create and use abbreviations for frequently used words.
...have to enter the whole text, and you can rest ...usually have to type same text chains, such as a long...
It can save you time and stress
Fanix Software
Real-time spell check & speed typing software for instant accurate & fast typing.
...checker and an easy text expander. It is useful for ...checker and an easy text expander. It is useful...


It is a free Phrase Expander that provides quick access to your common phrases.
...frequently used text phrases into ...pre-defined text shortcut, and WordExpander expands it into...
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Exile Software
It lets you automate regularly typed phrases and sentences.
...is a text expander that converts shortcut text into fully ...that can accept text input, including word...
Ziff Davis Media, Inc.
save keystrokes using abbreviated text.
...abbreviations with the expanded text. This latest update ...when defining the expanded text. In addition...
NCH Software
Convenient tool to help you avoid typing the same texts again and again.
...types – simple text, rich text, picture, and ...– simply create a text shortcut called “ABC”...
Most popular in Text Expander Most relevant in Text Expander
Simple and straightforward interface
Allows you to create and use four types of shortcuts
Macro shortcuts for more complex actions
Bartels Media GmbH
It's a handy and powerful text expander and clipboard manager.
...words or sentences. It’s a powerful text expander that lets you create and...
Can automate repetitive tasks
Includes an enhanced clipboard manager
Can corrects spelling errors
SwiftText Word Expander
Bytescribe, Inc.
Its a program that improves typing speed and efficiency.
SwiftText Word Expander i ...text editor in Windows. Simply type an abbreviation saved in the Expander...

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