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Tetris is one of the most popular games. To be more precise, this is a tile-matching game which, in fact, was first introduced in 1984. The main objective is to arrange the falling pieces in such a way to form full lines and then they will disappear from the board.

Block Game download selection is a descendant of our Tetris Game by Alice Cooper customized for you:



Explotris is an enjoyable block game very similar to tetris.
Explotris is an enjoyable block game very similar to Tetris, but ...of the falling blocks which increases with time. The game has simple but...
Most relevant in Block Game
Nice graphics
Some power-ups and bonuses
Only one level
Tetra Blocks

Tetra Blocks

Herman Martinsson
Tetra Blocks is a simple but enjoyable Tetris game.
...the screen. If the blocks reach the top, the game is over. For ...add quakes to the game, which means that blocks will be automatically added...
You can play with or against a friend
You can make the game more challenging
Very customizable
Simple graphics and sounds


Enhance your eye-hand coordination and beat the game.
...the pile of blocks from reaching the top of the game board. To do ...sight to successfully locate groups of blocks of the same color, once you...
Teaches concentration
Enhances eye-hand coordination
Entertaining and fun


ClickTris is a puzzle game. It is just a variation of the popular Tetris.
...will get extra points. This game will also include special blocks with unusual shapes, different from...
It is very easy to use
It includes some options
The help file is not supported by recent Windows versions
Tetris Deluxe
Falco Software, Inc.
Tetris Deluxe includes 6 versions of Tetris such as Classic Tetris and others.
...classic Tetris game. In On-turn Tetris, you cannot turn the block manually itself. To stop the block rotation press the abort button...


Crystal Office Systems
Tetris is a simple arcade game of tetris with ten levels to play. the playing area. The game includes ten levels of increasing ...Tetris is a simple arcade game that may satisfy tetris fans, but...
Ten levels
No music
Falco Tetris

Falco Tetris

Falco Software, Inc.
Falco Tetris is a game in which you must set the falling pieces on the board.
...are snow flakes falling, and the blocks seem to be made of ice ...same. As you progress in the game, the blocks will fall more rapidly, thus...
Funny dialogues
Simple graphics and sounds


Andrés Rassol
Vertris is a basic multiplatform clone of the classic Tetris game.
...clone of the classic Tetris game. This game is a good alternative to are looking for a game with different game modes, levels to choose...
Nice colorful graphics
Light-weight application
Music and sound effects would have made it more interesting
Windows Tetris
Dave Behnke
Windows Tetris is a simple Tetris game made for Windows using C++/Win32.
Windows Tetris is a simple Tetris game made for Windows using C /Win32. Is very all and start playing this magnificent game.
OpenAlchemist Team
OpenAlchemist is a game similar to the popular Tetris game.
...keyboard. There, you can change the game's skin, sound level, music level ...see very nice views. The game's installation process is very easy...
Easy to play
A portable version is available
Offers great graphics and performance
I have found none during this review

Some Block Game downloads, not featured in Tetris Game

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks.
Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect...
Most downloaded in Block Game
Very rewarding gameplay
Very nice game concept
Highly customizable by users
Some problems can arise when trying to update the game
Cold Turkey
Block digital distractions so that you can be more productive.
...customizable. When Cold Turkey Blocker blocks a website, you'll see temporarily block any website (social media, forums, gaming site, etc...
Most recent in Block Game
Reasonable price
Allows organizing the blocked websites in groups
The free version allows blocking only websites, not apps
sXe Injected

sXe Injected

Protect your private server games against cheaters.
...any cheat program be loaded on the game.
MD5 validation
Protects your computer from other kind of hazards
Narrow specific use
Avast Free Antivirus
Protects your Windows PC from viruses in real-time.
Avast Free Antivirus protects your Windows PC from viruses in real-time by analyzing the programs and files that you access. It also scans...
Most popular in Block Game
Free for ever
Interactive - you can help Avast detect false positives
Checks for weak passwords, browser add-ons, and vulnerable software as well
Requires you to register to maintain the free status
Soccer Stats Tracker
A set of tools for tracking soccer (football) betting statistics.
...betting statistics. It analyzes all past games for all teams and it finds the 10 for some specific betting game. You can also use this...
Compatible with most of windows OS
Easy-to-use and very user friendly
Provides users with "Top 10" team list for betting games
Not a free tool
Super Nisqually!
Super Nisqually! is a challenging and enjoyable puzzle game.
...time runs out. As the game progresses, then black blocks that cannot be matched or moved...
Five levels of difficulty. Challenging
Dull graphics. No power-ups. Only one game mode

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