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Manually backing up your files is a painstaking and time consuming operation. Using a system recover utility, your files will be backed up to a separate partition as a system image. If a crash or failure occurs, the utility will use the stored image to bring your computer back to its original state, right before crashing.

Backup System download selection is a descendant of our System Restore by Noah Sands customized for you:

Acronis Backup & Recovery
Acronis, LLC
It allows you to backup and recover data from your computer.
...tool to validate the backups before recovery or to check file systems after the recovery. The...
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Friendly-user interface
Ability to backup data online or within the computer
Creates and mounts bootable images
The online activation process may cause difficulties to inexperienced users
RestoreIT 2014
FarStone Technology, Inc.
RestoreIT automatically backs up data, files and entire systems files.
...hard drive. RestoreIT will continuously backup any changed data to Virtual also removed from the system which weren’t existed previously...
Advanced System Restore
Advanced System Restore is a free security and maintenance tool for Windows. the program. Advanced System Restore can also wipe away ...defragmentation tool can improve your system's booting time and the processing...
Built-in anti-virus and registry cleaner
It is a free tool
Restorer2000 Pro
Bitmart Inc.
Restorer 2000 Pro recovers deleted files and unformats corrupted files.
...recover the file having unknown systems from devices like ZIP/USB’ option to recognize files in system’s metadata during the disk scans...
Great compatibility to all Windows platforms
Anyue Technology Co., Ltd.
AyRecovery is a system back-up and restore tool for Windows.
...and you can restore your whole system in 20 seconds. I think that ...install AyRecovery, it reboots your system and it installs its files...
Restores do work
It made my system considerably slower to boot-up
Far Stone Technology Incorporated
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Some Backup System downloads, not featured in System Restore

Norton Ghost
Symantec Corporation
Norton Ghost 15.0 - Professional Grade Backup and Recovery.
...if your operating system won't start. * Creates full system and file backups: Safeguards your system, settings, applications, and...
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Very reliable
Not very easy to use
AOMEI Backupper Standard
Aomei Technology Co., Ltd.
Back up your system, disks, and data in advance to prevent data loss.
...without your intervention. Restoring previous disk, system, or partition backups (or just selected files or folders...
Support for all kinds of disks and storage devices
Can back up the Windows partition
Wizard-based interface
No migration tools
Acronis True Image Home
Acronis, LLC
Protect personal data on your computers, smartphones, tablets, and Facebook. start up a system on a new computer. NEW! Unlimited mobile device backup Back up an unlimited...
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Create scheduled backups
Supports diferrential or incremental backups
Supports Boot Option for Image Recovery

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