NVIDIA System Utility
NVIDIA Corporation
System Utility is the ultimate utility for accessing, your system components.
NVIDIA® System Utility is the ultimate utility for accessing, monitoring, and adjusting your system componen...
Most relevant in System Utility
System Explorer
Mister Group
Lets you control all the details of your system internals.
System Explorer is a powerful software tool that shows you very detailed information about your syst...
Shows you all the relevant details about your system internals
Acts as a complementary antivirus and anti-rootkit system
Uses an online up-to-date database to identify threats
Designed mainly for advanced and expert users


Easy-to-use program that shows you the readings of some of your mobos' sensors.
The basic version of HWMonitor, developed by CPUID, is an extremely useful and easy to use utility that allows the user to monitor the readings of a variety of sensors located in your motherb...
Most popular in System Utility
Easy to use
Does what it says perfectly
Does not support all hardware
Monitoring Tools
ballen4705 / chrfranke / dipohl
This application is a control/monitor storage system.
Monitoring Tools contains utility programs (smartctl, smartd) to control/monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (S.M.A.R.T.) built into ...
Event Log Explorer
FSPro Labs
It is an easy-to-use utility for effective Windows event log analysis.
...Thanks to Event Log Explorer, monitoring and analysis of events recorded in Security, System, Application, Directory Service, DNS, and other logs of Microsoft Windows operating systems g...
Latest comments:
Good application for looking at Event Logs
System Monitor
Towodo Software
Monitor and manage the computers on your network.
System Monitor is designed to monitor Microsoft Windows computers on a network. It can monitor the u...
AMD System Monitor
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMD System Monitor is designed to display hardware activity.
AMD System Monitor is specifically designed to display hardware activity. Its design is very simple, you...
Simple design
Easy to use
Doesn't display fan speed
EF System Monitor
Shows information about your local or remote system resources and performances.
EF System Monitor is a comprehensive tool which provides you with a permanent record of information lik...
AIDA64 Extreme Edition
FinalWire Ltd.
AIDA64 Extreme Edition can assess CPU performance, RAMsize, DiskDrives and more.
...s testing of computer hardware, monitoring of various sensors throughout the computer system and overclocking of the CPU's fundamental, timing frequency rate. Licenses for AIDA64 Extreme...
Accurate hardware sampling, detection capabilities and detailed information on the interfaced computer systems
Can alarm the user when it detects overheating, over-voltage, or cooling fan failure
All legacy processors benchmarks are in 32-bits but both Windows -7 and -8 platform processors' benchmarks are implemented in 64-bits and thus invite the services of AIDA64 Benchmark Engine
Resulting data which could deviate from the idealistic data of the benchmarks significantly
Hardware Inspector
Database Harbor Software
Hardware Inspector is an IT asset management tool.
...purchase to retirement inventory of every asset. You get various data import options (system information reports by EVEREST, ASTRA and ASTRA32, CSV files).

Some System Utility downloads, not featured in System Monitoring Tools

Glary Utilities
Glarysoft Ltd.
Glary Utilities is a set of tools that help you keep a clean and fast system.
Glary Utilities is a set of maintenance tools that help you keep a clean and fast system. This program allows you to correct common problems such as slowness, instability and system ...
Sober and functional interface
Includes more than 40 maintenance tools
Allows you to perform 1-click maintenance
Some of the included tools require that you upgrade to Glary Utilities Pro to work
BitTorrent, Inc.
Easy-to-use BitTorrent download client for Windows OS.
µTorrent is an easy-to-use BitTorrent download client for Windows OS. Download your files as quickl...
Most downloaded in System Utility
Very light on system resources


Piriform Ltd.
Clean your PC and remove browser search history and cookies.
CCleaner is a piece of software for cleaning your PC. Advertisers and websites track your behavior o...
Most recent in System Utility
Gets rid of both system junk files and, more importantly, application junk files
The GUI of the program is very well designed
The Startup tool is a very handy one
In the Tools section of the program, there are a few instruments, which don’t offer any huge advantage compared to the same tools found in the Control Panel


Cedrick Collomb
This utility allows you to unlock, delete, rename or move locked files.
...ou can simply right click on the locked file and then perform the desired action. The utility is simple yet effective, allowing you to quickly kill the process that is protecting the fil...
Very easy to use
Can process entire folders
Can work with file without killing locking process
When selecting two or more files and then using Unlocker on them, nothing happens
Battery Optimizer
It allows you to analyze your battery health and optimize its functionality.
...ich allows you to analyze your battery health and optimize its functionality. This system utility helps you to keep the battery performance at a high level. It is very useful for anyo...
accurately estimates the battery life that can be gained/lost by changing laptop settings
the computer performance is not affected when you use Battery Optimizer
some features, such as Monitoring and Restore are not available in the trial version
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
Protects your PC against viruses, ransomware, spyware and phishing attack.
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate can quickly identify existing viruses & malicious files in your PC and block the...
Attractive and easy-to-operate interface
Updated virus database
One-click optimization tools
No drawbacks found

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