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A strategy war game is a computer game in which the decisions made by players highly influence on whether the battles taking place in the game would be won or lost. The set of applications offers you various free and commercial strategy war games on different themes.

Strategy Game download selection by Nordine Bjerke. May 03, 2015

Battle for Wesnoth
David White
A simple but enjoyable fantasy-based strategy game.
...a fantasy-themed strategy game, simple but entertaining ...possibilities for each game. A series of...
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Entertaining gameplay
Good music background
Different difficulty levels
The installation file of the offline version is rather heavy and takes a while to download. Also, it takes a while to install
Arctic Combat
Webzen Inc.
Arctic Combat is a free to play online military FPS game. play online military FPS game with realistic warzone effects and...
Avatar Bobble Battles
A great version of the Avatar cartoon in a great and fun game.
...exit the game. Playing this game i ...complete action strategy. Challenge your strategy and become...
Great arcade adventure
Axis & Allies
TimeGate Studios
Axis & Allies, is a real-time strategy World War II computer game.
...II: the supplies. Real-time strategy game lovers can enjoy a title that...
Interesting gameplay modes
Not found


Avalon Heroes is a tactical and battle game with online DotA matches.
...tactical game and a battle game with In the Arena Mode, you need the perfect Hero strategy...
Warcraft III Patch
Blizzard Entertainment
The 1.2 patch launched by Blizzard brings several bug and error fixes.
...buildings are destroyed. The game provides several strategies of attack or defense...
Several fixes
Empires Online
Empires Online, Inc.
Empires Online is a free multiplayer online strategy game.
...a free multiplayer online strategy game that combines fantasy and strategy in battle for...
RF Legacy

RF Legacy

RF Legacy
RF Legacy is an massive online strategy where the battle begin. massive online strategy game were you can create ...magic and swords. This game it's about power...
Battleship Fleet Command
iWin Games
Sink your opponent's fleet by firing in the correct coordinates. the classic game of naval strategy. You will ...he miss. Battleship game offers three difficultie...
Easy to learn how to play the game using the help and the tutorial
Affordable price
Two modes to play the game
It’s available only in English
Mother Of All Battles
Sean O'Connor's Windows Games
Mother of all battles is war and strategy game for one up to six players.
...Sean O'connor’s Windows Games, is war and strategy game for one up to...
Entertaining and addictive
Not found
Battle Academy
Slitherine Ltd.
Battlefield Academy is a turn-based strategy game.
Battle Academy is a turn-based strategy game. The game has more than 30 battles...
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Battle Realms WOTW Expansion
Liquid Entertainment
Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf is developed by Liquid Entertainment.
...Wolf is an strategy game developed by Liquid Entertainment an excellent game for those who like...
Incredible graphics and environment
Faces of War
Best Way
...World War II time strategy game where your tactical choices...
...War II time strategy game where each battle ...World War II time strategy game where your tactical...
Wargame AirLand Battle
Focus Home interactive
Wargame AirLand Battle is the sequel to Wargame European Escalation.
...the real-time strategy game created by Eugen ...that completely redefined strategy games in 2012. With...
King of Kings 3
Lager Network Technologies Inc.
A fantasy 3D MMORPG that places focus on PvP battles.
...legion. Though the game places greater emphasi ...3 as a captivating game, which offers delightfully...
Great for PvP battle fans
Nice landscapes
The Fate Of Hellas
JoWooD Production
Fate of Hellas is an strategy game developed by JoWooD Production.
...Sparta Ancient War, an strategy game. In this case, we do this the game. Graphics and sound Every...
Excellent graphics and environment
THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome
Slitherine Software
Great Battles of Rome is role-playing and real time strategy.
...and real time strategy gaming blended with top ...a truly immersive game. The game starts from the...
The Battle for Middle-earth™ II
Electronic Arts
The battle for Middle Earth II is a strategy game.
...II is a strategy game developed by Electronics Art think your strategy game play. Graphics and...
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Excellent graphics and great scenarios
Really Rather Good Battles In Space
James Gregory
Really Rather Good Battles In Space is a free real time strategy game.
...a real time strategy game with fleets of ...player real time strategy game following the fall...
Sudden Strike Normandy
Fireglow Ltd
Sudden Strike is a war game based on a battle between the ally vs Germany.
...Strike Normandy is a strategy game based on a battle Normandy. The game begins with simple...
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