Create Transparent Post-It Note Downloads

A sticky note (or Post-it note) is a small piece of paper that you can use in order to attach notes to various surfaces.

This set contains multiple applications that will let you create sticky notes on your desktop. In addition, these tools will also allow you to set any desired transparency level so that it won't affect your daily work.

Create Transparent Post-It Note download selection is a descendant of our Sticky Note Creator with Transparency Adjustment Feature by Bill White customized for you:

Shock Sticker
Shock Sticker is a program to create post-it notes with alarms, schedules, etc.
...a software application for creating post-it notes with alarms, memo ...bin. Post-it notes are user customizable in color, transparency, size...
Most relevant in Create Transparent Post-It Note
Very useful and small application
Conceptworld Corporation
Notezilla is a neat, simple yet powerful note taking application. Creating and managing notes can be done ...notes in a large variety of ways. You can change their color, size, format or transparency...
Allows customizing the notes in many ways
Can be used to set reminders
Easy-to-use and intuitive


Green Eclipse
StickyPad is a free application that allows you to create notes and reminders.
...the classic post-it notes. With StickyPad, you can create and the notes transparency level and background color. Besides, notes can be...
Simple and easy to use
Several options to customize the notes appearance and behavior
Does not allow inserting images and links
Freebie Notes
Power Soft
Creates, edits, stores, and displays notes and reminders.
...the market to create electronic sticky notes, Freebie Notes stand out from ...not), change the level of transparency, as well as customize the...
Most popular in Create Transparent Post-It Note
Highly customizable notes
Creates precise reminders complete with sounds
Editable notes database
No drawbacks found during the review
Sticky Notes Manager
Aleksei Taranov.
Sticky Notes Manager allows you to stick e-notes on your screen.
...includes options to create a new note, set all the notes to be displayed ...the background. You can create multiple notes that can be displayed...
Vista compatibile
All notes are stored in a single .ini file
Allows to set an alarm to each note by pressing the combination of Shift+Ctrl+A keys
Supports only two languages
Free Sticky Notes
Andrey Golyatin
Displays neat notes on one's desktop, with anything written down inside.
...necessary item from the context menu. The created sticky notes can be sent over a LAN or...
The individual appearance of each Sticky note displayed on the desktop serves as a ready reminder
Various designs of notes can be prepared
Notes can be sent over LAN or via E-mail
The number of sticky notes is restricted to a maximum of ten
Sticky Notes is a simple and easy-to-use desktop reminder. unlimited number of notes. You can create a note with any phone number ...hyperlinks in the notes, or set their transparency level to any...
Customizable note size
Low system resources usage
Power Notes
Power Soft
Power Notes, the amazing tool that has an organizer, reminder and scheduler.
...has the capability to create electronic stickers that are creating electronic desktop stickers or notes, edit sticky notes in the...
Supports multiple languages
The application resides in your task bar and can be used with a single click
Compatible with Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
No freeware version available
Full-featured sticky notes with funny skins for your desktop.
...and testing every tiny "sticky notes" program available on the Internet ...interface focused on simplicity. The notes can be easily grouped...
Very nice skins!
Complete set of options
Just 14 days to try it!

Some Create Transparent Post-It Note downloads, not featured in Sticky Note Creator with Transparency Adjustment Feature

Post-it® Software Notes
Post-it Digital Notes - Helps users remind, communicate & organize on a computer.
Post-it Digital Notes - Helps users remind, communicate & organize ...just like they can with paper Post-it Notes. They're easy, intuitive, and...
Most downloaded in Create Transparent Post-It Note
Is simple, practical and easy to use
Is a trial version
Simple Sticky Notes
Creates sticky notes with various color themes and customizable alarms.
...main tabs: Note Title, Note Menu, Hide Note Button and Resize Pad. To create a new sticky note you must...
Most recent in Create Transparent Post-It Note
Customizable notes
Alarms embedded on your notes
Notes organized in notebooks
Cannot synchronize notes between various devices in real time
Efficient Sticky Notes
Completely free yet cross-platform and easy-to-use desktop sticky notes utility.
...the completely free Efficient Sticky Notes! "Stick" your notes on the desktop and ...font of each note and set it to be semi-transparent so it...
Easy-to-use interface
Allows setting the transparency and customizing the notes
Synchronization features not available in the free version
Efficient Sticky Notes Pro
Turn your physical Post-it notes into digital sticky notes.
...of transparency, and use your favorite font and size with your notes. Together with the Post-it note...
Saves your notes for later use
Editing and exporting options
Customizable look and feel
Dull interface
Magic Notes
It allows you to keep track of phone numbers, sites or any other information.
...You can even send your sticky notes to your colleagues over the network need it? Try our desktop notes software that does all that and...
Very customizable
You can add alarms
Not very attractive

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