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This list contains text-to-speech (TTS) programs that can read digital texts in loud voices. They convert any given text into spoken words. They can read PDF, Word, RTF, and other types of text files. The spoken text can be saved to an MP3, WAV or OGG file.

Speech Maker download selection by Robert Santinello. April 03, 2015

Text to Speech Maker
xrlly software
TTS software tool to produce MP3, WAV, or VOX audio files from any text.
...find Text to Speech Maker an extremely simple ...to Speech Maker can work with any speech synthesis...
Selectable voices
Converts individual files and batches of files
Audio and text synchronization
No drawbacks have been found
IVONA Software Sp. z o.o.
A text-to-speech utility that uses BrightVoice technology.
Ivona 2 is a text-to-speech utility, meaning that it will...
Natural voices
Intonation appropriate with the punctuation used within a text
Intuitive user-interface
Some abbreviations, such as those from the metric system, will not be recognized
Apex Text to Speech
Apex Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Apex Text to Speech can read texts in a loud voice through your PC speakers.
...Converting a text to speech can be very convenient ...to use Microsoft´s Speech Synthesizer, that can...
It is very easy to use
Poor results when reading texts in languages other than English
Verbose Text to Speech
NCH Software
Verbose is a text-to-speech and dictation application.
...is a text-to-speech application. It is what ...Microsoft Sam, a built-in speech system in Windows, for...
Can save speech output
Clipboard support
Easy to use
Default voice is annoying
Visual Text To Speech MP3
iProgram Development
Write everything you want and listen it in an incredible voice!.
...called Visual Text to Speech MP3, is a ...disks: 10M for Microsoft Speech Engine With these kinds...
Free Trial per 30 days
Text Speaker
Text Speaker lets you turn texts into audio speeches.
...pitch level and speech speed according to ...text into a cursive audio speech. The price for acquiring...
Intuitive interface
Supports various text formats
You can download additional Ivona voices directly from the program
You can save the speech only to MP3 or WAV files
TxReader Special Edition
Kabware Developments
TxReader converts documents into spoken words and MP3. Simply listen to all your documents...
...to use text to speech program that give great ...making full use of speech output to make learning...


Stefan Estrada
Cross-platform text-to-speech tools, with which a computer reads text aloud.
...platform text-to-speech tools, with which ...series of text-to-speech interfaces, including a stand...


ReadPlease Corporation
ReadPlease 2003 is a powerful text-to-speech tool that will read any text you...
...powerful text-to-speech tool that will read ...all purpose text-to-speech software. ReadPlease 2003 (...
Free Natural Text to Speech Reader 2008
NaturalSoft Limited
NaturalReader is a tool to reproduct text into spoken audio.
NaturalReader is a great tool that facilitates the reproduction of text into spoken audio...
Extensive functionality
Conversion is comparatively slow
Alien Speech

Alien Speech

Alien Software
A free and simple text-to-speech tool that reads aloud your TXT files and notes.
...simple text-to-speech software tool that ...with additional text-to-speech functionality. Actually...
Simplicity of use for a strightforward functionality
Includes basic editing functions
Audio settings are reset every time you close the program
Text To Speech WAV
This app converts text to speech and exports it as a WAV file.
Text To Speech WAV is an easy-to ...uses pre-installed text-to-speech engines from Windows. An example...
Easy to use
Small size
Many formats to choose from
Uses pre-installed text-to-speech engines
Tanseon Systems
Popular Text To Speech Voice Synthesizer.
...advanced Text to Speech voice synthesizer ...via speech synthesis using a high quality speech engine...
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Latest comments:
lokesh meghwal
Nice software.
Text-to-Speech Master
TTS Master Team
Convert yout text files to audio with this useful program.
...to purchase a license. Text-to-Speech Master is very powerful and...
Easy to use
Multiple language options
It cannot read PDF documents


Rohitab Batra
FreeVoice is a fully-functional text-to-speech program.
...functional text-to-speech program uses Microsoft ...you to change speech settings). Characters include...
Useful for reading long texts
Requires a microphone
Tuval Software Industries
Change the narration text as often as you need and these tireless voices.
...by Speech-Over: · Embedded text-to-speech engine · Speech ...and editing of speech text, including SAPI...
E-Text Reader
Premier Literacy
e-Reader uses digital voices to read electronic texts.
...to control text-to-speech functions. In this regard ...the same text-to-speech engines installed on the...
It is very easy to use
It supports several file formats
It can translate text among six languages
It does not provide any text-to-speech engine of its own
Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter
Piston Software
A small tool that uses synthetic speech to read aloud any compatible text fie.
...Text to Speech Converter will automatically ...control. Text to Speech Converter includes a practical...
Compact application with intuitive interface
Support for a wide variety of voices
Variable speed control
NextUp Technologies, LLC.
TextAloud converts any text into high quality speech.
...uses the text-to-speech system to convert any ...to produce the output speech. You can also increment...
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You can select among different voices
You can change the speed and pitch of the voice
You can work with different articles at the same time
Trial version doesn't include the best voices

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