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The sound therapy is the evidence-based use of nature sounds with a therapeutic effect. The apps on this list offer you tools to relax listening to nature sounds: blowing wind, crashing waves, pouring rain, thundering, and many other.

Sound Therapy Tool download selection by Marisa Therezza. May 16, 2015

Natura Sound Therapy
Natura Sound Therapy is a good software for sound therapy by your pc.
...create sound of different frequencies. Sound therapy i ...use. Natura Sound Therapy has many features...
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Many preset settings for different moods
Brainwave synchronizer
The sound output is in a harsh tone
3D Crazy Mechanic Clock
It's an animated 3D screensaver featuring a beautiful old clock.
...cracks of thunder and soothing sounds of rain outside add to...
Snowflakes (plug-in)
Blissive Software
Video plug-in for the Natura Sound Therapy application available online for free.
...main application, Natura Sound Therapy, let’s make ...Natura Sound Therapy works with sounds and...
It's available for free online
It upgrades your Natura Sound Therapy base application
You can't get a preview online before buying
Dark Castle 3D Screensaver
Rixane Screensavers
Dark Castle 3D Screensaver will bring mystery to your desktop.
...distance, illuminating the stonewalls. The sound of the rain and the...
Good sound
The camera movement is a bit too slow
Crashing Waves Animated Wallpaper
W3i, LLC
Crashing Waves Animated Wallpaper brings the ocean to your desktop.
...will also listen to the sound of the wind; this makes...
Excellent animation
Great sounds
Nothing worth mentioning
Autumn Clock Screensaver
Autumn Clock Screensaver includes three different images with a clock on them.
...they all have lovely sounds of nature that make can mute the sounds and you can also customize...
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Cute animals
Three different images
Lovely sounds
You cannot select the transition time between the images
Fascinating Rainforest
Photo Screensavers
Small jungle river thunders over the edge of a cliff into an idyllic lake. go on, the sound quickly becomes louder, and go on, the sound quickly becomes louder, and...
3D Mountain Lake Screensaver
Illustration World
3D Mountain Lake Screensaver displays three animated scenes with mountains.
...with the realistic sounds create a pleasant ...great graphics and sound effects that definitely...
Great graphics and sound effects
Includes a clock
No music
EZ skins
glistenrainmp is a package with Theme, Screensaver, Wallpaper, Icons.
...Can Still Hear The Soothing Sounds Of The Falling Rain Off...
Natural Beauty Screen Saver
|, LLC
Natural Beauty Screen Saver will bring the ocean to your desktop.
...Beauty Screen Saver includes sound. You will be watching ...and finally the sound of the wave breaking...
Really beautiful and very relaxing
The sound effects are great
Just one scene for the trial version
Amazing Waterfall 3D Screensaver
Offers you the serenity that only a waterfall in the rainforest can offer.
...carried away by the soothing sound of the falls, and listen...
Spring Rain Screensaver
Top Screens
Spring Rain Screensaver shows a stream in the forest.
...accompanied by realistic sounds of water flowing ...landscape with pleasant sounds to decorate your...
Beautiful landscape
Very relaxing sounds
You can add your own music
Not free
ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver Galaxy Edition
Digital Minds Software
Electricalm 3D Screensaver will bring thunder and lightning to your screen.
...thunder, lightning and rain. Sounds creepy, doesn't it? thunders and the sound of rain falling...
Very intriguing
Nothing worth mentioning
Samaddi™ Sound Relaxation Studio
Sound Relaxation Studio is a new and interesting utility which helps you relax.
...Relax yourself with soothing sounds of nature ...healing power of sound therapy - Increase creativity...

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