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Working in the sound field implies the fact that you need to know at all times what is the intensity of the sound surrounding you. Programs of this category offer you an advanced glimpse over the sound force also known as 'sound pressure' or 'sound force' and signal processing including but not limited to the levels of the playing sounds.

Sound Pressure download selection is a descendant of our Sound Pressure Level Meter by Brian Hsia customized for you:

FindSounds Palette
Comparisonics Corporation
It allows you to manage sound files with wav, aif, aiff, au, and snd extensions. from your computer's input sound card. It also allows you any of the suggested sounds from the list and also...
Most relevant in Sound Pressure
It has an audio editor that allows you record audio, edit, and add effects
It allows you to search the web for sounds
The trial version allows you to use the program only for 15 days
Atmosphere Deluxe
Vectormedia Software
Atmosphere Deluxe 6.1 is a white noise playback and recording utility.
...a slew of nature sounds. Those sounds are the mainly the sounds that one would consider...
Lots of sounds
Inbuilt recording capabilities
Nice and clean interface
Sound Forge Pro
Sony Creative Software, Inc.
Audio converter and editor with various functions and tools.
...programs combining both quality sound capture and a ...professional song recording engineer. Sound Forge supports all major...
Various functions and tools
Quality sound
Sound Forge Audio Studio
MAGIX Software GmbH
Simple but powerful audio editor suitable for both amateurs and professionals.
...You will find the usual sound effects, such as reverb, delay ...are (almost) gone. Overall, Sound Forge Audio Studio is a...
Simple, clean and intuitive interface
Fast processing
Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument
Virtins Technology
Sound card oscilloscope,spectrum analyzer,signal generator,multimeter,counter.
...(4) Multimeter: voltmeter, sound pressure level meter(dB, dBA ...(4) Multimeter: voltmeter, sound pressure level meter(dB...
Graphic Equalizer Studio
Enhance your MP3 and WAV audio tracks and normalize their output automatically.
...all the trebles and the basses sound exactly the way we like them...
31-band one-third equalizer
Enhancing presets
Audio restoration tool
Cluttered interface with multiple windows
Adobe Audition
Adobe Systems Incorporated
A professional application for cleaning and mixing audio files. and audio productions sound their best. Handle ...recording, mixing, and sound restoration. Quickly solve production...
Most downloaded in Sound Pressure
Two main work environments are provided, waveform and multitrack
Large library of effects
Includes a "spot healing brush tool" for removing noise and unwanted frequencies
No support for control surfaces


Cirrus Research plc
NoiseTools supports downloading, analysing and reporting of noise measurement.
...information recorded by latest sound level meters and dosemeter ...The Optimus range of Sound Level Meters. - Trojan...
Pioneer Advanced MCACC
The Pioneer's original function for automatic sound field calibration.
...function for automatic sound field calibration. With ...speaker distance, acoustic pressure level calibration, speaker...


Audacity Team
Audicity is a feature-rich audio recorder and editor. you basic information about the sound parameters, such as the pitch, rate...
Most popular in Sound Pressure
Works with all popular audio formats
Everything can be undone or redone in one click
FLUX Spring Pack Bundle
A compelling bundle with a select range of plug-ins and dynamic processing.
...independently of the sound level and can be artefact on the processed sound. A transparent limiting dramatically...

Some Sound Pressure downloads, not featured in Sound Pressure Level Meter

Odeon Combined
Odeon room acoustics software
ODEON use image-source method combined with ray tracing.
...Early Decay Time, EDT - Sound Pressure Level, SPL(A) - Sound Pressure Level, SPL - Sound Strength, G* - Rate of Spatial...
RT-Capture is a Real Time Analyzer (RTA) combined with an SPL-meter.
...with an SPL-meter (Sound Pressure Level). With this program ...and make compressed sound recording for self-governance of...
Most recent in Sound Pressure


Acoustics Engineering
Sabin is a powerful CAD tool for room acoustics engineers. the reverberation time T60, the sound pressure level, and the RASTI as a measure...
H & R resources
Design rectangular and circular silencers for air movement applications.
...special needs. - Specify design pressures. In duct sound power, sound pressure, free field spherical or hemispherical...


It integrates the Fast Multipole Method with advanced Boundary Element Methods.
...nodes, etc. -Acoustic wave sources -Outputs: Sound Pressure, Velocity, Power, Intensity, Muffler Transmission Loss...
FXpansion Tremor
FXpansion Audio UK Ltd
A software drum machine with powerful synthesis, effects and modulations.
...DCAM circuit-modelled sound generation is fused with ...original sounds with the punch and extreme sound pressure of...

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