Sniper Game Downloads

Any game from this collection will provide an outstanding long range shooting simulator solution. These sniping themed games are designed to give you a firsthand experience in using various sniping guns, destroying the enemies lines, protecting your objective and much more.

Sniper Game download selection by Robert Polubinski. April 02, 2015

Sniper Game

Sniper Game

Enjoy the adventure and feel the fantasy of being a real Sniper.
...of Spy Adventurer, Sniper Game will make you feel ...of being a real sniper. The adventure will begin...
Enhances reflexes
Teaches concentration
Slightly violent
Sniper Elite V2
Rebellion Developments
Sniper Elite V2 is a World War II first-person shooter.
...a second enemy. In short, this sniper game has great mechanics, good graphics...
Great sniper mechanics
Good graphics
X-ray kill cams
Weak computer AI
Anti Terror Mission
Be a sniper trying to destroy an enemy camp in this entertaining shooting game. game "Anti Terror Mission", you are a sniper supplies. The game has sixteen level...
Korea: SWAT Mission
Shoot and kill enemy soldiers to accomplish missions.
...enemy soldiers and snipers in different urban ...I finished Level 1, the game crashed so I needed to...
Most recent in Sniper Game
It is free to download and use
Has decent graphics and sounds
Has many different difficulty levels
The developer's website opens on a new browser window every time you close the game
Sniper Ambush
Lucky Legend
Sniper ambush is a thrilling sniper attack game - an awesome gaming experience!
Sniper ambush is a thrilling sniper attack game. It is an awesome gaming experience! Firstly you...
Latest comments:
There is no reason behind the vote, the game sounds interesting, plain and simple.
Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917

Armor Games
Lead your army into victory and with show who is the Commander. will have only snipers at your disposal, more ...mode or create a custom game, they can be saved...
Most downloaded in Sniper Game
Extremely fun and addictive
Very entertaining
Encourages research about WWI
You'll get fired if you play on the office and get addicted
Far Cry
Crytek Studios
Far Cry is a of first-person shooter game made by Crytek.
...person shooter game made by the video game company Crytek ...shoot someone with the sniper rifle or die...
Most popular in Sniper Game
Great graphics
Not found
Operation Alpha Zylon
MyPlayCity, Inc.
Alpha Zylon brings you to the darkest forests of Africa.
...can play free mission game to take out dozen ...satchel charges or even sniper rifle in six varying...
Latest comments:
True Homie
A true masterpiece 8) . Alpha Zylon depicts realistic war tactics and shows how one man can solve one nat...

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