Program to Read Smart Data Downloads

Whenever you need to monitor the hard disk of your computer and read SMART data, you can use the applications included in this set. These programs help you identify, test, diagnose and repair hard drive problems and give you detailed health reports of your drive. You can also find your PC's specifications like processor or motherboard model, the number of used memory slots, hard drives SATA type.

The monitoring software is designed to predict failure and prevent data loss.

Program to Read Smart Data download selection is a descendant of our Smart Data Reader by Andie Dobbs customized for you:

Passmark Software
DiskChekup can collect and process information about hard disks.
...The program i provided. Fortunately, the tool shows not only SMART shown, you can find Spin Up Time, Raw Read...
Most relevant in Program to Read Smart Data
It has a straightforward interface
It can trigger various types of alarms
It can monitor a wide range of attributes
It’s not appropriate for inexpert users
Acronis Drive Monitor
Acronis, Inc.
Acronis Drive Monitor scans and reports hard disks errors. using such a program. The program is based on the reliability like temperature, read error rate, spin time...
Easy to use
None to mention
Hard Disk Sentinel
H.D.S. Hungary
Prevent data loss due to hard disk problems using S.M.A.R.T. technology.
...parameters as temperature, S.M.A.R.T. data, disk performance, and alert ...Similarly, you can program the tool to issue...
Most popular in Program to Read Smart Data
Various types of tests
Supports S.M.A.R.T. technology
Supports various HDD types
Not suitable for basic users


EFD Software
HDTune is a free, basic but useful maintenance tool. writing random data on it and reading it, while evaluating ...hard drive can read and write data from your hard drive...
Nice interface
It is free and outputs useful info
Argus Monitor
Argotronic UG
Argus Monitor is a complete system's health status monitoring tool.
...any failure and avoid losing precious data. Using this tool you can even...
It can monitor a wide array of hardware data
HDD/SSD benchmark functions
Lightweight and resource-friendly
Dull interface that cannot be resized or customized
Home Server SMART
Dojo North Software, LLC
Home Server SMART is a hard disk and SSD health monitoring tool.
Home Server SMART is a hard disk and SSD health...

Some Program to Read Smart Data downloads, not featured in Smart Data Reader

CDMA Workshop
CDMA Workshop is a professional universal and all-in-one service software. programming or re-programming CDMA phones to any network, making clones, unlocking, reading and...
Most downloaded in Program to Read Smart Data
Smarter Battery
Microsys Com Ltd.
Battery monitoring utility to prolong battery life and save energy.
...charging, etc. The program helps you configure some ...count. This program continuously reads the battery data, making a...
Most recent in Program to Read Smart Data
It can provide accurate information about your battery status
It lets you activate Green Mode with a single click
It facilitates accessing to Windows energy-saving features
It cannot be scheduled to save battery parameters at regular intervals
<b>Smart</b> Projects
Recover and restore files and data from all kind of optical drives.
...can use it to restore data from hard drives, read/extract files from open...
Support of Linux EXT file system
Highly effective recovery
Multiple types of storage media supported
Trial version with too many limited features
PC Inspector smart recovery
Convar Deutschland GmbH
PC Inspector smart recovery is a useful tool for recovering delete media files. ...thumbnails. This program can search ...that cannot be read, sectors with Automatically recovers all media data...
Easy to use and a very small application

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