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The games from this set will allow you to immerse yourself into a suprising world of sea travel and adventures. Here you can find various game types: action, casual, historical MMORPG, adventure, as well as battleship and puzzle games. Every game has its own fascinating story, as well as a unique gameplay.

Games with Pirate Ships download selection is a descendant of our Ship-Themed Games by Victoria Nelson customized for you:



KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
A swashbuckling free Pirate game with fun adventure for kids and adults alike. of flying Pirate ships, strange beasts and amazing Pirate treasure! Both casual game and MMO players of...
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Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean
Media Contact LLC
Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean is a simple action game.
...action game where you control a cannon in a base while defending the place from the pirate ships siege...
Most popular in Games with Pirate Ships
Simple but funny
Cosmic Pirates
Dmitry Saveliev
Enter to a great adventure and ship fight in space.
...enter a Pirate adventure in space and you must move your ship to destroy ...treasures as you can. This game has different levels and challenges...
Great Fun
Action is a little slow
Marine Puzzle
Media Contact LLC
Marine Puzzle develops in a world of pirates, hidden treasures, and mystery.
...him to explore islands, battle pirates, and collect gold and treasure ...of the game, wheels will help him move the ship to avoid attacks...
Engaging storyline
Many levels to play
Plenty of power-ups and bonuses
Multiplayer Battleship
Novel Games Limited
Destroy the opponent's ships as quickly as possible.
The purpose of this game is to sink all the ships of your opponent ...know the location of each other's ships, you need to bomb strategically...
Novel Games Limited
Do you consider yourself a fan of classic and good games?
...the screen which is your game field. You have five ships to place: one of possible when bombing the ships. The game ends when all of one...
Classic fun for all ages
It can be played directly from the developer’s web site
Graphics and sound effects are avarage
Voyage Century Online
Snail Games
A historical game whose action is placed in the 16th century seafaring era. to obtain the game client. The game allows you to ...warrior looking to bring down pirates, or a pirate even, depending on what side...
Vast game world
High-quality graphics
Skills are gradually developed
Slow-paced ship combat
Swashbucks To Go
Pogo Games
Swashbucks To Go is an animated cannon-shoot game.
...five pirates of the seven seas; and in the Speed mode, the game play shoot at coins fired from a ship to collapse a forming spiral and...
Very reasonably priced
1 hour limited trial
Battleships Forever
Combat and damage mechanics are extremely detailed.
...values in Battleships Forever. The game also features many innovative mechanics that ...force shield around your ships in any shape you want.

Some Games with Pirate Ships downloads, not featured in Ship-Themed Games

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm

Team Pokki
It allows you to experience the finest of thrilling pirate adventures.
Pirate Storm is a game that allows you to experience the finest of thrilling pirate adventure ...tattered wreckage of their ships.
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Seven Seas
PopCap Games
Hunt down pirate ships by using your cannons or luring them into collisions!
Arrrr... you ready for adventure? Hunt down pirate ships by using your cannons or luring them...
It´s challenging and attractive
Grey Olltwit's British History - 1485 to 1836
Grey Olltwit Educational Software
A fun history game played out on the high seas with cannons and pirates. itself you are commanding an English galleon and have come across a pirate ship ...your cannon at the pirate ship. Get the question wrong...
Souptoys Toybox
Souptoys Pty Ltd.
A collection of more than 100 different toys for your Windows desktop. everyone, this physics sandbox game replicates a child’s wooden toy ...cannons, flying bees and a pirate ship. With its open-ended design...
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Ultra Galaxy War
MyPlayCity, Inc.
Ultra Galaxy War is an action game where the objective is to defeat pirate ships. exciting action game, by The objective is to destroy all pirate ships, and kill...
Good gameplay
Nice graphics and effects
Good music and sounds
Not found
The Adventures of Mary Ann Lucky Pirates
Batovi <b>Games</b> Studio
A match-three game where pirate Mary Ann will fight for gems and diamonds.
...three game that takes place in a pirate world. You (playing as Mary Ann) will command a pirate ship, battling...
It is a very addictive game, full of alternative decisions
Nice graphics and sound

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