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If you need to create a professional presentation for personal or business use, then you should definitely find a utility that meets your requirements. This set of shareware products will help you do the job, it includes the widely used Microsoft PowerPoint as well as other powerful tools.

Shareware Presentation Creator download selection by Tom Cooper. May 16, 2015

Microsoft Office
Office in the cloud - a totally new concept for this renowned suite of products. design high quality customized presentations; present version has the Morph feature...
Most popular in Shareware Presentation Creator Most downloaded in Shareware Presentation Creator
Allows you to carry your business and personal documentation with you while on the go
Multi-device support
Multi-user support
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
PowerPoint is widely used in organizations to build presentations.
...organizations to build presentations for educational view the presentations on a large screen...
Is the de facto standard to build presentations. There are thousands of slideshows made with some version of this program
Kingsoft Office
Kingsoft Software Corp.
Kingsoft Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office.
...the package: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. This program includes "Writer", a word...
It has the most used features of Microsoft Office, at a very low price
ProShow Producer
Photodex Corporation
Create slideshows from photos and clips, with transitions and effects.
ProShow Producer creates slideshows from photos and clips. The application allows you to add...
Slideshow-creation wizard
Support of multiple input and output formats
Multiple ways to publish the results
Too pricey
EDraw Max
Draw charts, diagrams and other graphics easily with this application.
Making diagrams and charts is one of the most common task in the workplace. This program has many...
Easy to use
Multiple ready-to-use templates
Includes an extensive clipart collection
Not very affordable
Prezi Desktop
Prezi Inc.
Prezi Desktop lets you create professional looking presentations.
...get professional looking presentations with your ...creating your own presentation. This application...
Most recent in Shareware Presentation Creator
Simple to use interface
Offers you a complete list of project templates, symbols, geometrical shapes, etc
You can insert images, background music, Voice-over, YouTube videos, etc
You can save the projects only to PEZ format or download them as PDF files

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