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There are times when you need to either improve quality of your photos/images or shrink them in order to optimize for the Web. This set of shareware is composed of applications that will help you resize various pictures, most of which include the batch processing mode as well.

Shareware Photo Resizer download selection by Tom Cooper. May 15, 2015

FastStone Photo Resizer
FastStone Soft
Resize, rename, and convert your image files in batches and perform basic edits. the FastStone Photo Resizer’s main feature ...buttons. FastStone Photo Resizer is provided as...
Most popular in Shareware Photo Resizer Most downloaded in Shareware Photo Resizer
Includes rename templates
Offers specific settings for each output format
Comes with an image viewer
Lacks an undo function to reverse changes
Batch Picture Resizer
Full-featured image resizing tool with conversion and editing capabilities.
...parameters to the resizing process, such a ...that Batch Picture Resizer really shines, combining...
Most recent in Shareware Photo Resizer
Attractive and well-structured interface
Supports all the most widely used image file formats
Includes image conversion and editing capabilities
No support for RAW file formats
Multiple Image Resizer .NET
Acumen Business Systems Ltd.
Multiple Image Resizer .NET can batch resize and convert photos.
...of creating Multiple Image Resizer .NET: performing ...will affect the photos before actually operating...
Fully-customizable interface
Supports a large variety of image formats, including RAW ones
Can perform all the most important photo processing operations
Can't convert to some rather important image formats such as PSD, PCX, PCT, PCD or RAS
STOIK Smart Resizer
STOIK Imaging, Ltd
STOIK Smart Resizer lets you easily resize multiple images at once.
...letting you easily and quickly resize a photo to a specific letter size or...
Offers a reliable proprietary resizing algorithm
Can batch resize multiple photos at once
Neat and clear interface
Supports only a few image file formats
EvJO Photo-Image Resizer
EvJO Photo-Image Resizer is a very complete graphics editing tool.
EvJO Photo-Image Resizer is a very ...options available. EvJO Photo-Image Resizer can process one file...
It can effectively resize pictures and add compression
Photo Resizer Pro
Photo Resizer Pro is a very powerful image processor with very useful features.
Photo Resizer Pro is a very powerful ...your images if you have Photo Resizer Pro installed in your PC...
Easy to use
Powerful editor with real time preview
Able Photo Resizer
Able Photo Resizer is a very powerful image resizer and converter.
...One cool thing about Able Photo Resizer is that it can convert...
Easy to use
Built-in image converter
Image Sizer
Data Product Services
It's an application created for a very quick photo resizer/reducer.
Image Sizer is a shareware application created for a very quick photo resizer/reducer (and image...
MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer
MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer allows you to resize multiple images.
...resize modes to choose from - namely, resize width, resize height, or resize ...image resizers that...
Supports bulk resizing
Easy to use
Nice user interface with multiple themes
You cannot resize images by percentages or fixed dimensions
Advanced Image Resizer
Etrusoft Inc.
Advanced Image resizer is a program to resize and convert your pictures.
...on. Advanced Image Resizer supports such format ...of image resizing. This program is shareware, but...
Rather easy to use
Ability to create own image web gallery
Not free
Batch Image Resizer
Professional resizing tool with extra editing and enhancing functionality.
...picture editing, cropping, renaming, and resizing a simple and rewarding experience with...
Support for some of the most popular image file formats
Clear 3-step resizing and editing process
Allows for both automatic and customized editing
Resizing, cropping, and editing features are all mixed up in the same dialog
Light Image Resizer
Change the original format and resolution of batches of photographs.
...actions, like resizing and compressing, creating ...resizing more efficient. The tool converts photos...
Processes batches of files
Supports multiple input and output formats
Creates photo collages
Cannot import directly from camera
Magic Image Resizer
Magic Project Software
Magic Image Resizer enables you to resize your digital images in a snap.
...that enables you to resize your digital images in ...batch mode, you can resize multiple images at a...
Easy to use. Cheap. Simple user interface
Does not support Vista. Unattractive user interfaces
Picture Resizer
The Professional Developer
If you need to resize pictures Picture Resizer 3.1 is just what you need.
...has the abiltiy to resize pictures, but with the ...the pictures you want to resize ,even those inside a...
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Multiple image resizer
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