Shareware Card Game Downloads

If you like playing cards you definitely spend some time at work playing solitaire game or poker with computer opponents! The games listed below are various solitaire and poker games to fit every taste.

Shareware Card Game download selection by Alexandra Bela. May 16, 2015

Super GameHouse Solitaire
GameHouse, Inc.
If you like cards, you must download Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 3. play a good card game you must download ...Scorpion to a relaxing game such as classic solitaire...
Most popular in Shareware Card Game Most downloaded in Shareware Card Game
Music selection
Color selection
Great variety of games
Only 60 minutes in the trial version
Poker Superstars
This game is based on the TV Series Poker Superstars Invitation Tournament.
...Superstars Invitation Tournament". This game gives you hints and ...need to have credit card to play. If...
Demo version
Great tournaments
Not so easy to play
Jewel Quest Solitaire
Play this amazing solitaire game in two different modes!
...Quest Solitaire” game is a cards game to play alone ...of the game. - Only Cards: simplified version...
Easy to learn how to play the game using the help and tutorial
Affordable price
There are two modes to play the game
Only available in English
Governor of Poker
Play Poker and win every house in Texas until you own them all!
...language and configure some other game options. - Quit: ...16 MB 3D video card - DirectX 10.0 ...
Many languages available to play the game
Two modes for playing the game
Full on-game assistance
It’s not a multiplayer game
SolSuite 2010 is a pack of 504 solitaire games for Windows. impersonate you, a card set style and even ...probabilities for that particular game. You can build...
Most recent in Shareware Card Game
It offers a huge variety of solitaire games
It has nice graphics, sounds and animations

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