Shareware Audio Editor Downloads

The applications from this list will enable you to perform various tasks regarding audio editing/mixing. With these shareware products you'll be able to cut, split, mix, morph and apply different effects to audio tracks in an easy way. Some programs include the recording option as well.

Shareware Audio Editor download selection by Tom Cooper. May 16, 2015



Nero AG
Nero 9 is a platform for recording disc that includes a lot of tools.
...a manager of photographs, an audio encoder and audio editor, software for presentations of...
Most popular in Shareware Audio Editor Most downloaded in Shareware Audio Editor
Now, you can see tv, record video professionals, download videos and photos of myspace and facebook
Consume more resources
WavePad Sound Editor
NCH Software
A feature-rich tool to create, convert and edit sound files.
...more easily. This sound editor supports importing audio from multiple sources. So...
Most recent in Shareware Audio Editor
Very versatile audio editing application
Import from several sources
Supports multiple audio file types
Navigate Speech feature does not work properly
Sound Forge Pro
Sony Creative Software, Inc.
Audio converter and editor with various functions and tools.
...for people new to audio recording and editing ...and enhancing the captured audio. It has optional...
Various functions and tools
Quality sound
GoldWave Inc.
Full-featured professional audio editor with a plethora of filters and effects.
...editing features, outstanding audio cleaning function ...analog-to-digital audio conversion. The...
Steep learning curve
Excellent waveform graphics
Intuitive and easy to use
Requires Windows 7 and 64 bit
AVS Audio Editor
Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK
An audio editor supporting mixing and batch processing. manipulate audio files, AVS Audio Editor may be ...this kind, AVS Audio Editor allows such operations...
Supports multiple audio formats
Imports audio from video, sound card and microphone
Mixes audio in different tracks
Error while importing audio from video
Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer
Acoustica, Inc.
Make your own sound mixes from MP3, WAV or WMA easily and intuitively.
...You can add individual audio files or a whole ...sounds . Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer allows you to...
Extremely intuitive graphical interface
Editing options are clear and easy to implement
Results are seen and heard immediately, which makes editing faster and clearer
Enlargement of graphic wave signals produces poor quality results, making some editing tools less accurate
Sound Forge Audio Studio
MAGIX Software GmbH
Simple but powerful audio editor suitable for both amateurs and professionals.
Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio is a powerful audio editor. Fast, effective and intuitive, it...
Simple, clean and intuitive interface
Fast processing
Free Audio Dub
DVDVideoSoft Limited
Free Audio Dub is a sound editor that extracts fragments from an audio file.
Free Audio Dub is a sound editor that ...allows you to extract fragments from an audio...
It is easy to use
It is available in several languages
It does not re-encode files so there is no quality loss and the processing time is reduced
It does not allow performing conversions
Audio Editor Gold
NextLevel Systems.
Edit, record , convert and save your audio files easily with Audio Editor Gold.
...features for professional sound production. Audio Editor Gold competes with the highest...
easy to use interface
It does not allow you to add extra DirectX Audio Effects from others
CyberPower Audio Editing Lab
CyberPower Tech
This application lets you edit your favorite tunes with ease.
...convert songs to various audio formats. This complete well as advanced audio editing tools. The...
User-friendly interface
Comes with efficient audio editing tools
Supports dozens of audio formats
It offers you to install unnecessary tools
Audio Edit Magic
AudioEditMagic Soft Development Inc.
This software enables you to record, convert and edit your audio files.
...mix and record audio from different source editing your audio files, Audio Edit Magic will...
It's a multifunction application to convert, edit and record audio
There graphical interface has many options and looks very cramped
DJ Audio Editor
Program4Pc Inc.
Enhance your audio files on an easy-to-use waveform-based audio editor.
...and speckle noise, etc. DJ Audio Editor opens in a graphical interface where...
Presents the audio files as waveform graphs
Rips CD tracks and tags them
Offers an extensive list of audio filters and effects
Pricey license fee
Audio Editor Pro
Mightsoft Co., Ltd.
Full-featured audio editing tool with recording and conversion capabilities. a high-end audio editor with some minor flaw ...these minor drawbacks, Audio Editor Pro comes with...
Offers all the functions and features available in other professional audio editors
Clear main interface with a ribbon-based design
High level of accuracy
Simple extra tools that crash with the overall pro-like functionality
Audio Editor Deluxe
A full-featured editing tool with a wide range of other audio-related utilities.
...multi-purpose application, Audio Editor Deluxe is equally ...intuitive and precise audio editor and for...
Combines accurate audio editing with many other audio-related utilities
Supports all the most popular media file formats
Records any audio coming onto your computer through the sound card
Magic Audio Editor Pro
Cool Audio Ltd.
Edit, record and add effects and filters to audio files. Magic Audio Editor Pro can extract audio from ...the original. Magic Audio Editor pro offers a...
Records audio streamed from the Internet
Easy to use
Includes advanced filters and effects
Audio MP3 Editor
Full-featured audio editing tool suitable for MP3 and other audio file formats.
...the many other audio editors in the ...for professional audio editors), Audio Mp3 Editor may well...
Waveform-based ergonomic interface with all the main tools at easy reach of the user
Wide range of editing and enhancing tools
Tools for both the advanced and the average user
Times are given only down to centiseconds
Expstudio Audio Editor
Expstudio Audio Editor allows you to record and edit audio files easily.
...Expstudio Audio Editor a try. However, if you are looking for a professional audio editor you...
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive user interface
Great editing functions
Includes only basic documentation
Easy MP3 Recorder
WordAddin Studio
Easy MP3 Recorder is a SHAREWARE to record audio to WAV or MP3 files.
...Recorder is a SHAREWARE to record audio to WAV or ...provides ID3 tag editor and audio editor to edit...

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