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The main purpose of PC suite applications is to manage mobile phones connected to the PC through an USB cable or using a wireless network. Also, these tools have the ability to install apps to mobile using fast transfer speed. Sending an application or a file to a mobile phone by using this method is safe, accurate, and error free in most of the cases.

Send Content download selection is a descendant of our Send Files and Applications to Mobile by Sophia LeFevre customized for you:

Oxygen Software
OxyCube allows you to work with your phone but from your computer.
...managing phone or smartphone content and settings via PC information, planning a schedule, sending SMS/MMS/E-mail messages, viewing...
Most relevant in Send Content
Nice and intuitive user interface
Allows you to whatever you do with your phone, but from your computer
Comprehensive help file
Send To Phone
Excode Software
Send files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters!
...WAP protocol you can send anything you like directly to a friend or a sweetheart? Send them a new ringtone, personalized wallpaper...
Latest comments:
Want to make a present to a friend or a sweetheart? Send them a new ringtone, personalized wallpaper...
Cell Phone Manager
MobTime, Inc.
Supports most phones of Siemens, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung. Functions...
...quickly input messages on your pc and send out via your phone, even enjoy chatting...
MobTime Cell Phone Manager
MobTime Inc.
MobTime Cell Phone Manager is a mobile manager and data synchronizing software.
...create lengthy SMS on your PC and send to your phone in single click, add...
Phone explorer, image editor, multimedia player, in built converter and synchronizing tool, all in one software
Supports all the popular phone brands
Mobile Master
Jumping Bytes
This program lets you manage and synchronize your cell phone with your PC.
Mobile Master is a complete tool for managing and synchronizing data on your cell phone with your PC. The application is compatible with...
You can manage many functions of your cell phone from the program's interface
You can sync photos and videos with your PC
Most modern cell phones are supported
The program crashes sometimes when it's handling two mobile devices simultaneously
Samsung PC Studio
Samsung PC Studio, a professional tool to manage files and date from your phone.
...or CD, edit them and then send the created files back to your phone ...messages directly on your PC and send them via the mobile phone. This...
Most downloaded in Send Content
It is very easy to use
Simple interface with short descriptions
Very useful if you have a Samsung mobile phone
CleverCell Phone Manager
CleverCell Software
CleverCell Phone Manager - logging, multimedia and synchronization tool.
...SMS messages management, SMS Sending Phone general information view Call csv format View, store, send, search, delete, update...


RIA Software Co
It helps you send files from PC to mobile phone, and back.
BluEasy is an application that helps you send files from PC to mobile phone, and...


SolarWinds WorldWide LLC
Serv-U is a file sharing application suitable for business environment.
Serv-U is a file sharing application suitable for business environment. You can make use of the FTP and MFT server applications that support...
Sony Ericsson PC Suite
A program to synchronize and backup a Sony Ericsson phone.
...or text in it. It can also send multimedia messages through the phone. Moreover it...
Easy to use
The program is free
This program does not support operating systems other than Windows

Some Send Content downloads, not featured in Send Files and Applications to Mobile

Folder Lock
Folder Lock helps you keep sensitive data away from prying eyes. helps protecting the contents of any USB storage’s even possible to send encrypted contents as email attachments. Another...
It’s easy to use
It uses strong encryption algorithms
It can create protected lockers
It seems to have no integration with the system’s contextual menu
A powerful text editor specially designed for programmers and web developers.
...Hex Viewer, useful to browse the contents of executable and DLL files, and ...allows you to select a file and send it to a remote server using...
Most recent in Send Content
Acts as a powerful, tiny code editor
Color-codes the keywords of the most used programming languages
Create and share your own syntax files for additional languages support
Checks the spell for English language only
Mozilla Thunderbird
Open source email client and chat application with a tabbed interface.
...launch Thunderbird to download, reply-to, and send emails. You can also use this application...
Most popular in Send Content
Easy to use
Tabbed interface
Chatting is somewhat slow
Maxthon MX5 Cloud Browser
A fast cloud-based browsing solution with handy features.
...Push and Cloud Download enabling users to send content to other devices and save Web downloads...
Light and fast
Handy additional features
Good for blocking ads
Can be confusing in the feature selection

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