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Connecting a second display to a Windows PC yields limited benefit: by default, your only two choices are to extend the existing desktop to the second monitor (with a few caveats) or to mirror the primary display on the secondary monitor.

The applications from this set will help you make full use of your second monitor by specifying what exactly you want it to display, and in what proportions. Some of these applications will also let you use various devices as secondary displays: other PCs, iPads, Android tablets, etc. - sometimes wirelessly.

Secondary Display Utility download selection by Jørgen Walters. February 22, 2015

Air Display
Avatron Software
Air Display is a very innovative iPhone app with support for Windows and Mac.
...or third) monitor, Air Display is a little sluggish ...from a wireless display over a wireless network...
Most popular in Secondary Display Utility Most downloaded in Secondary Display Utility
Good functionality
Multi-platform support
Easy to setup
A little slow at times
Actual Multiple Monitors
Actual Tools
Improves the functionality of Windows on a multi-monitor configuration.
...of a taskbar on secondary displays. Moreover, the tool ...appears on the secondary monitors, it is...
Most recent in Secondary Display Utility
Automates various Windows operations
Stretches your desktop across various screens
Moves windows between screens with just a click
Difficult to configure
Dual Monitor

Dual Monitor

Cristi Diaconu
It allows you to extend the taskbar when using a dual monitor. of using a secondary monitor, because the desktop ...are shown on the secondary monitor; it will...
It allows you to extend your taskbar when using a dual monitor
You can show or hide labels, the clock; show buttons on both taskbars; use small buttons; auto hide the taskbar; change the taskbar location on the screen; automatically start with Windows; show the start button; and use a custom font
It was only tested on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7
Bartels Media
MaxiVista Demo Server allows you to add a second screen to your computer.
...screen. You can set the display to a portrait or a ...the size of the secondary display as well. If the...
The Pro version supports up to 4 computers
Easy access to most features
It can salvage unused computers into 2nd screens
Not very fast
DisplayLink iPad Software
DisplayLink Corp.
The DisplayLink iPad app turns your iPad into an extended monitor for your PC.
Creates an interactive, secondary wireless display for your PC with the...
Secondary Viewer Photo Viewer
Secondary Viewer Photo Viewer is an image viewer on secondary display.
...image viewer on secondary display (for example ...image files on secondary display. Display file id from...
Secondary Display Video Player
Secondary Display Video Player is a multimedia player for dual display setups. for secondary display full screen ...screen on the secondary display, if connected through...
iDisplay is a tool designed to create a second virtual display for PC. create a second virtual display for PC. Secondary display with touch-interface is...

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