Generate Custom Screensaver Downloads

These programs will allow you to create simple screensavers from any combination of images, videos and flash animations. You can also add music and transition effects. These applications will allow you to export the created screensavers as .scr or .exe files.

Generate Custom Screensaver download selection is a descendant of our Screensaver Maker by Philip Dann customized for you:

Ace Pro Screensaver Creator
Nufsoft Software
A feature-rich program that will help you create your own screensavers.
...aver. This tool doesn’t only allow you to insert your company information, but also helps you add limitations, generate nag screens, create license keys and add watermarks to your images. Another thing that I liked is that Ace Pro Screensaver Creat...
Most relevant in Generate Custom Screensaver
The program offers numerous transition effects
It allows you to create customizable user interfaces for your screensavers
It enables you to add shareware features to the screensaver that you create
I couldn't find any
Slideshow Screensaver Maker
Slideshow Screensaver Maker allows you to create simple screensavers. have to select the photos you wish to use, select the name for your screensaver, and the author. Then you can customize its settings, which include the time delay between images, display order (sequential, reverse, random), exit conditions, size of i...
Simple and easy to use
Built-in previewer
Lots of effects
Doesn't allow you to add music, captions, pictures, borders, layouts, etc
Creates Screensaver files (.SCR) from Adobe Flash files (.SWF).
...tions allow you to provide all the parameters and all the information required for your SCR file to be correctly generated. On the General section, you will be able to define the screensaver's name and version info. Within the version info, in time, you...
Intuitive and self-explanatory interface
Allows you to select a single SWF source file or an entire directory with several ones
Andreas Kardin
Combine text, pictures, movies, sound and music to unique screensavers.
...cial screensavers. Arrange complex presentations with a few mouse clicks. Add your own license agreements to the generated screensaver installation programs and distribute them as a single executable file. Dreamity was designed for your creativity. You...
Easy 3D Creator
A program for creating three-dimensional screen savers.
... preview of every change you make. You will be able to add 3D objects and apply textures to them by providing custom images. You can also change the background, define the object rotation and motion, change the camera position, object movement, and a...
It provides a wide range of possibilities to create original screen savers
The generated screen savers will not work in Windows Vista or 7
Screen Saver Builder
Put Your favourite pictures in screen saver. Download fully functional free trial!
Put Your favourite pictures in screen saver. Screen Saver Builder is a powerful screen saver engine showing pictures from the folder y...
Latest comments:
very good
Quick Slide Show
This software is perfect for creating your own slide show presentation. will be automatically played when someone double clicks on it. The SCR option allows you to create your own customized screensavers. On the program's menu there is a slide show preview which can be used to see if you like the progress of your slide...
Most popular in Generate Custom Screensaver
It comes with lots of transition effects
It can be used by people of all ages
You can add text and sound to your slide show
It doesn't have disadvantages
Digital Photos Screensaver Maker
Digital Photos Screensaver Maker lets you create screensavers with your photos.
...ication features a not a very attractive, yet easy-to-use user interface. You simply have to follow the tabs and customize your slideshow. Once you have added the pictures, the program will automatically add different transition effects, delay and trans...
Fully customizable
Intuitive user interface
Doesn't include templates or cliparts
Easy Screensaver Creator-Standard
JungleMetal Sfotware
The fastest and easiest way to create share screensavers and resell it.
...ness or organization etc... (for commercial, government, noncommercial or private use) and includes installation customization and resale feature. You can make screen saver for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. Several options are available: Most popular image...
Easy Screensaver Maker
GoldSoth Inc.
Easy Screensaver Maker is a powerful screensaver building utility. and distribute screensaver. You can display images with more than 120 kinds of transition effects that can be customized which to be used, collect unlimited JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP images and merge them into one screensaver and much more
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Some Generate Custom Screensaver downloads, not featured in Screensaver Maker

Screensaver Factory Enterprise
Screensaver Factory - you can start your very own screensaver business.
... make screensavers for sale using special features for shareware authors - registration keys, trial limitations, customizable nag-screen, readme information file and license agreement. With Screensaver Factory you can start your very own screensaver bus...
Most recent in Generate Custom Screensaver
Very powerful
Extra features
Active ScreenSaver Builder
Active Screensaver Builder allows you to create screensavers with your images.
...ain the results you want. Apart from the images, your screensaver can include media and text and you can both generate a .SCR or a .EXE file at end. You will also be able to customize the transition effects, time between images, position of images on...
Four creation options
Not really attractive or intuitive
Screensaver Factory Standard
Screensaver Factory Standard - create screensavers for profit or fun.
Screensaver Factory Standard - create screensavers for profit or fun. The world's number one screensaver development software, enabling user...
Very fast and easy-to-use
It supports several multimedia formats
It generates installer files for easy distribution of created screensavers
Doesn't edit sound files
Swiff Saver
Swiff Saver lets you create Adobe Flash™ Screensavers packaged.
...rt your Flash animation into Swiff Saver, follow the various steps to customize your own Installer and instantly generate the Setup program that will install and uninstall your own Flash screensaver.
Flash2X Screensaver Builder
Flash2X Screensaver Builder lets you create a screensaver using flash movies.
...purchase URL, among other things. Finally, in the output tab, you can change the file path, add log messages and generate the screensaver installer. It also would be great if you could trim the flash videos, or add captions, templates, or other things t...
You can add publisher and license information
Easy to use
Lacks many important features
Screensaver Factory Pro
Screensaver Factory enables you to make standalone self-installing screensavers.
Create screensavers for yourself, for promotion or unlimited royalty-free commercial distribution. Make screensavers from images, video and flash a...
A great product for a great price
Fully customizable
Multiple options and effects

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