Custom Screensaver Maker Downloads

These programs will allow you to create simple screensavers from any combination of images, videos and flash animations. You can also add music and transition effects. These applications will allow you to export the created screensavers as .scr or .exe files.

Custom Screensaver Maker download selection is a descendant of our Screensaver Maker by Philip Dann customized for you:

Slideshow Screensaver Maker
Slideshow Screensaver Maker allows you to create simple screensavers.
...see, but you can't customize them picture by picture In short, Slideshow Screensaver Maker will allow you to create...
Most relevant in Custom Screensaver Maker
Simple and easy to use
Built-in previewer
Lots of effects
Doesn't allow you to add music, captions, pictures, borders, layouts, etc
Ace Pro Screensaver Creator
Nufsoft Software
A feature-rich program that will help you create your own screensavers.
...that Ace Pro Screensaver Creator helps you customize the GUI that your screensaver will have...
The program offers numerous transition effects
It allows you to create customizable user interfaces for your screensavers
It enables you to add shareware features to the screensaver that you create
I couldn't find any
Screensaver Designer
Dream soft can create screensavers for yourself or unlimited...
...You can make screensavers from any combination of ...picture transition effects. Screensaver Designer is very easy...
Creates Screensaver files (.SCR) from Adobe Flash files (.SWF).
...application designed to produce screensavers - usually carrying the ...URL and a custom registration reminder screen...
Intuitive and self-explanatory interface
Allows you to select a single SWF source file or an entire directory with several ones
Easy Screensaver Creator-Standard
JungleMetal Sfotware
The fastest and easiest way to create share screensavers and resell it.
...and includes installation customization and resale feature ...and includes installation customization and resale feature...
Easy 3D Creator
A program for creating three-dimensional screen savers.
...apply textures to them by providing custom images. You can also change the...
It provides a wide range of possibilities to create original screen savers
The generated screen savers will not work in Windows Vista or 7
3DScreen Builder
3DScreen Builder Team
screensaver creation program.
...are highly rated at screensaver archives. 3dScreen Builder generates screensavers that really look professionally...
Andreas Kardin
Combine text, pictures, movies, sound and music to unique screensavers.
...fireworks. Create commercial and non-commercial screensavers. Arrange complex presentations with a few mouse...
Screen Saver Builder
Put Your favourite pictures in screen saver. Download fully functional free trial!
Put Your favourite pictures in screen saver. Screen Saver Builder is a powerful screen saver engine showing pictures...
Latest comments:
very good
Quick Slide Show
This software is perfect for creating your own slide show presentation.
...allows you to create your own customized screensavers. On the program's menu there is...
Most popular in Custom Screensaver Maker
It comes with lots of transition effects
It can be used by people of all ages
You can add text and sound to your slide show
It doesn't have disadvantages

Some Custom Screensaver Maker downloads, not featured in Screensaver Maker

Flash ScreenSaver Maker
Flash ScreenSaver Maker is a screen saver editor program.
...Flash Screensaver Maker, follow the various steps to customize your own Flash screensaver. Flash ScreenSaver Maker is...
Aquarium Screensaver Maker
Aquarium Screensaver Maker is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create custom aquarium screensavers...
...easy! A Tool for Aquarium Screensaver Creation and Customization Aquarium Screensaver Maker is an easy-to-use...
Innovative and unique design features
Easy creation and application
Simple user interface
Few image formats supported
Advanced Effect Maker Freeware Edition
Easy to use application for creating special effects for web pages.
...applications: the Advanced Effect Maker and the Visual Applet Configurator ...VAC). With the Effect Maker, user can set the...
Very easy to use visual user interface
Active ScreenSaver Builder
Active Screensaver Builder allows you to create screensavers with your images.
...screensavers: create new screensaver with a wizard, create new screensaver able to customize the transition effect...
Four creation options
Not really attractive or intuitive
Animated Wallpaper Maker
Create animated wallpapers with multiple beautiful effects. sure Animated Wallpaper Maker will be greatly appreciated by ...desktop! Animated Wallpaper Maker will help you turn...
Most downloaded in Custom Screensaver Maker
Step-by-step tips in tutorial mode
Excellent animation effects
Cameras and multiple layers
Desktop icons are lost while playing the animated wallpaper
ABC Flash Screensaver Maker
ABC Flash Screensaver Maker is a powerful tools that helps you convert flash mov.
ABC Flash Screensaver Maker is an easy to ...) into Screensavers within minutes. It also allows you customize settings to...

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