Zoom Computer Screen Downloads

This set contains utilities that can enlarge a certain area of your PC screen, being called magnifiers or zooming tools. They are especially suitable for people with visual impairment problems. These screen magnifiers also let you adjust the zoomed area, add contrast colors, take snapshots, customize tracking options and so on.

Zoom Computer Screen download selection is a descendant of our Screen Magnifier by Robert Polubinski customized for you:

Desktop Zoom

Desktop Zoom

Desktop Zoom helps sightless or partially sighted people to use Windows.
...ill read a text aloud when you point to it with your mouse while Magnifier will zoom in parts of the screen. Desktop Zoom is also an ease-of-access application including both ab...
Most relevant in Zoom Computer Screen
It is highly customizable
It is portable
It offers features that are already available as part of the operating system
Lens - magnifying glass
ABF software
Lens - magnifying glass is a utility for zooming in a part of your screen.
... graphics. The program provides a large magnifying glass with simple buttons to zoom-in and zoom-out the area of the magnifying lens. The glass is moved around the screen by your c...
Very simple user interface
Seven zoom levels
None was found
U4 Screen Magnifier
The innovative and interesting computer screen magnifier.
U4 Screen Magnifier is a powerful and easy-to-use computer screen magnifier. Designed for anybody who always stares computer screen to protect eyes. T...
Magnifying Glass Pro
Workers Collection
Magnifying Glass Pro magnifies a region of the screen for easy viewing.
In a nutshell, Magnifying Glass Pro magnifies a region of the screen for easy viewing. But there are many ways in which Magnifying Glass Pro does this. For exampl...
Easy to use
Good help


Bluefive software
A tool for magnifying any screen portion surrounding your mouse.
If you have a special need to zoom in to a particular portion of your desktop or any window you are using, you will find that PCLo...
Easy to use


All Software By 3PEHR
A free screen zoomer, color picker and image grabber, all in one!
A free screen zoomer, color picker and image grabber, all in one! Features: - Resizable window - Lower CPU us...


Blacksun Software
Magnifixer is a powerful screen magnifying utility.
...to resize the view to any desirable size you like and lets you select different zoom levels. This tool is very useful for those who have problems with their vision and for those wh...
Clear display
Virtual Magnifying Glass
Chris O'Donnell, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho, Harri Pyy
A digitalmagnifying class to help you view the screen in detail.
Sometimes we need to look closer on a certain part of our computer screen but using an actual magnifying glass would damage our eyes. The simple and free prog...
Most popular in Zoom Computer Screen
Allows to observe details of the screen like using a real magnifying glass
Can be easily used
Different modes to work with
I didn't found any disadvantages
Magical Glass
FreeStone Group
Magical Glass enables you to replace your boring cursor with a screen magnifier.
...f hotkeys for different actions such as turn the magnifier on/off, lock/unlock, zoom +/-, size +/-, brightness +/-, and capture. You can also choose from three magnifier display mo...
Many customizable hotkeys
Easy to use
Includes a few plugins
Unattractive user interface
Magnify follows the mouse around the screen, zooming in on any Windows window.
Magnify follows the mouse anywhere around the screen, and zooms in on any part of the Windows desktop. You will see the pixels underneath the mouse pointer i...

Some Zoom Computer Screen downloads, not featured in Screen Magnifier

Movavi Screen Capture Studio
Record gameplays, streaming videos and tutorials directly from your screen.
...voice narration. I was really impressed by the available effects, which include zooming, panning, callouts, titles and filters. When you have finished editing, you can pick the des...
Good video quality
Wide range of output formats
Easy to use
Does not have many features intended for taking still images


Mirek Wojtowicz
MWSnap is a great and free program to take desktop snapshots.
...handles 5 most popular graphics formats and contains several graphical tools: a zoom, a ruler, a color picker and a window spy. It can be also used as a fast picture viewer or conv...
It's free and easy to use
It comes with hotkeys
It lets you capture a program window, a region or the entire screen
Active Dancer Strip Saver
The first and only FREE video screensaver with free strippers in full screen.
... Its video format characterizes high resolution girls including a very powerful zoom. You?ll get crisp edges and enough resolution to see all the details of each stripper. You won?...
Most downloaded in Zoom Computer Screen
Many models
Screensaver and Desktop images
Very sexy
Nothing worth mentioning
Stepok Image Lab.
Programs that can record whatever is displayed on your monitor´s screen.
...atures that the program provides. It will allow you to add annotations, images, zoom in or out, apply focus, add mosaics, delays, optimize or re-dub the audio. All you add to the v...
You can save movies as .EXE files for free
It is very easy to use
BSR Screen Recorder
A software program allowing you to easily record your screen.
... available in other programs. For example, while recording your screen, you can zoom in a region and zoom out of it with hotkeys: you can either use F9 to zoom in and F10 to zoom o...
Many features
Professional render
Zoom in & zoom out feature
Ai Squared
ZoomText 9.1 is for the vision impaired to see and hear everything more clearly.
ZoomText 9.1 is a powerful software for vision impaired people through which the user can see and he...
Most recent in Zoom Computer Screen
Many task can be done easily in a short period
Doesn’t support Windows 95 and 98

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