Rotate Picture Downloads

Using these applications you will be able to easily rotate your digital pictures. They support a large variety of image file formats, including JPEG and GIF. Batch rotating multiple photos at once is also possible. Some of these tools are created specifically to help you rotate photos, while others are complete image editors that support rotating pictures too among their many other features.

Rotate Picture download selection is a descendant of our Rotate Image by David Wardle customized for you:

Bits&Coffee Ltd.
Batch-edit and enhance your entire photo collection in one single operation.
...our creations, annotate, add comments to them, and perform all the most common edits (rotate, resize, crop, replace colors, correct lighting errors, etc.) in one go. This is what makes t...
Most relevant in Rotate Picture
Saves your photos in any known format
Multi-filter processing
One-click final and original photo previews
Multi-filter processing of a large number of high-resolution files may produce errors
Advanced JPEG Compressor
WinSoftMagic Inc.
Use Advanced JPEG Compressor to edit, correct or convert images.
...aging your image files. Thus, you are able to remove red-eye effects, add watermarks, rotate images, or adjust them by changing their color, brightness, contrast, etc. As far as image co...
Most popular in Rotate Picture
The preservation of the original picture quality
The possibility to remove red eyes effect
It supports multiple file types for JPEG conversion
Batch JPEG Rotator
iRedSoft Technology Inc
Flip and rotate multiple JPEG images without quality loss.
Batch JPEG Rotator is an easy-to-use program that allows you to flip and rotate multiple JPEG images. It differs from regular editors because it does not recompress images t...
It rotates JPEG images without quality loss
It supports batch processing and processes the images very fast
It auto-detects EXIF orientation
It only rotates images, no other editing or transforming options available
JPEG Lossless Rotator
JPEG Lossless Rotator is an image editing tool for Windows.
JPEG Lossless Rotator is an image editing tool for Windows. It allows you to rotate JPEG pictures without incurring in any quality loss. Most applications rotate pictures in a w...
It works well
Shell integration
No drag and drop
Rotate Multiple Images Software
Rotate many images at once by 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
This software offers a solution to users who want to batch rotate multiple images. The user can add files or an entire folder. The rotate options are 90, 180 o...

Some Rotate Picture downloads, not featured in Rotate Image

Magic Photo Editor
Photo editing tool to blend images and beautify them with effects and cliparts.
...o editing software. Now suppose you have a digital photo and a beautiful landscape picture, and you want to add you digital photo onto the landscape picture. You want to softly blend ...
Most downloaded in Rotate Picture
Seamless image blending
Extensive choice of masks and clipart images
Includes frames
No editing features available
AVS Photo Editor
Improve your photographs by tweaking color and making adjustments.
...her similar applications, AVS Photo Editor lets you adjust size, crop the picture and rotate it to the desired angle. Likewise, it allows changing and refining colors. Good news is that ...
Most recent in Rotate Picture
Before-after preview
Support of many picture formats
Multiple presets available
Not as sophisticated as other similar tools
FastStone Photo Resizer
Edit, convert, rename, and resize multiple pictures at the same time.
...ert images between multiple formats, personalize photos by attaching text watermarks, rotate illustrations, and so much more. This application might come in handy if you need to prepa...
Supports various input formats
Supports drag-and-drop actions and batch processing
Fast processing sped
Supports a limited amount of output formats (conversion)

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